Fight Until We Die

Even if a female ninja is in an extremely poor situation, no surrender or suicide is allowed. She can only fight until death. No choice else.

女忍者 風 無残

It is easy to die but brave to work till the last. Kunoichi is brave, even braver than a man, isn't she?


はかせ。 said…
The way for the ninja woman of this video to die is wonderful.
When the ninja woman was tightening the loincloth, it was better.
Yes, it is the wonderful way to terminate Kunoichi.

Yes, you are right. It happened in Kage No Gundan III. Have you watched it yet?
はかせ。 said…
No. Because I was not looking at "Kage No Gundan" series so much, it regrets it.
That program seems not to be broadcast again because of the ground wave, and to
be done in Cable TV recently.

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