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Have you ever heard of Uncyclopedia?

Counterpart of Wikipedia? Yes, similarly. It's an encyclopedia of Kuso contents. You'll find nonsense definitions of common words there.

Here is an uncylopediarized definition of Female Ninja:


* 色誘之術(金)


* 隱身之術(木)


* 情報之術(水)


* 氣功之術(火)


* 假面之術(土)



Investment By One Million Bucks

Kunoichi is a loyal tool to commit a mission. If you can leverage her in a financial market, you will gain significantly.

Be ready to fight in the stock market of Dead Or Alive.

There is a blog with the exclusive advices of Stock Market. The blog is called Investment By One Million Bucks.

Fight Until We Die

Even if a female ninja is in an extremely poor situation, no surrender or suicide is allowed. She can only fight until death. No choice else.

女忍者 風 無残

It is easy to die but brave to work till the last. Kunoichi is brave, even braver than a man, isn't she?

Infernal Affairs

The phone rang.

"Thanks Thai." Sum said.
"That's good." Thai said. "Let us finish Ngai's family, ok?"
"Thai..." Sum said. "Please don't do too much."
"When you met me in the Thailand, it was lucky to save your life." Thai said. "That bullet did not shoot at you, then our partnership has been established for sake of our destiny. We must do in such way."

Sum hanged up the phone. Finally, the whole Ngai's family, including an elder woman, a lady and a baby girl , were all executed.

This is the way Assassins go.

Elementary Class Day 51-54

A new season 季節(きせつ) of training has started again. The first day is the result announcement of the last examination. Very bad. We have to strike this semester. Make a goal 目標(もくひょう)and reach it little by little ちょっとずつ.


Unlike Chinese, Ninja celebrate their New Year according to the solar calender. Ninja only give Lucky Money お年玉(としだま)to very closed relatives, not general relatives or friends. The senior 先輩(せんぱい) gives the junior 後輩(こうはい). Ninja exchange ninja greeting cards for New Year 年賀状(ねんがじょう).

Ninja do similarly in the Summer (around the end of August). It is called Summer Greeting 暑中見舞(しょちゅうみまい).


Terrible Death

Some people are easy to say death. It sounds as easy as going to sleep. In fact, they would no longer think so once they have seen the real death.

Kunoichi Case: 12
The female ninja, who wore black stocking, was killed in the failed mission. Her nylon was torn apart and everywhere nearby was full of blood.

Get the job well done. Respect for life!

Dressing Code

Bodystocking is well-known as the essential dressing code of Kunoichi. It's comfortable, looks beautiful but difficult to dress.

The ninja blonde demonstrates the full sheer bodystocking.

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