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Death of Iijima Ai

死後数日が経過、外傷なく病死の可能性も 飯島愛さん

At the Silent Night, the ex-famous AV idol Iijima Ai 飯島愛, who had been an outstanding student, then became a famous AV idol but finally quit the circle because of disease, died.

The world changes, the fate changes.

New Comer

Xmas is cold but a hot season for the Kunoichi AV battle!

In addition to the original giants, カリビアンコム Caribbeancom has boosted up its gear and will release a series of four episodes of Female Ninja videos.

カリビアンコムくノ一シリーズ will be released on 28 Dec, 4 Jan, 11 Jan and 18 Jan respectively.

Fight Until Death

The trend of Japanese Female Assassins' Dressing as Bodystocking has been blowed to Hollywood.

See how she fought and lost.

The Female Assassin who wore black bodystocking was good that the man planned to catch her.

Dragon Ball Live Action Movie Protest

The friend Anticbtis7 asked us to support the protest against the live movie of DRAGON BALL. Although I have no comment about the movie, I still think that the live movie will be quite weired and somehow awful. Let us read the protest statement - Dragon Ball Live Action Movie Protest

If the hero tortures and finishes this Kunoichi, I might consider my position again.

Please kill me

When a female assassin failed under her lover, she would ask him to finish her immediately. The words "Please kill me." from her veil sounds so sexy, don't they?

When a banker sold wrong services to her clients, has she ever said so? Unfortunately, she doesn't.

Finish Her

In the world of Mortal Kombat, losers will be terminated bloody and cruelly. What was her feeling when the female ninja was being finished?

Finish Her by ~hugodeathy on deviantART

She looked relaxed. Yes, she could do nothing else at that moment. Ah~ (a bloodcurdling scream from the Kunoichi)

War of Three Giants

It is surprised that three giants appear in the Kunoichi AV market. In the following months, three large AV producers will publish Female Ninja AV movies as their brand mass works.

1. 三姉妹vs女剣士 くノ一凌辱秘奥義外伝 by 笠倉出版社

Kasakura has been the king of AV market after it released about 10 Kunoichi AV movies. It should keep producing high qualified Kunoichi movies to remain its market position.

2. くノ一拷問凌辱4 掟を超えた友情 by アタッカーズ

This is the fourth release of Attackers' Kunoichi AV series. Although it is not a new comer, their results were not satisfied. The company has made changes (e.g. all female ninja wear bodystocking finally) in this release. The changes demonstrate its determination to fight back.

3. 女忍ねずみ小僧討魔伝 ~女帝淀君の陰謀~ by 宇宙企画

Uchu is a new comer of Kunoichi AV market. This new challenger's work also have female ninja with bodystocking. This action shows that the market of Kunoichi is significantly profitable.

Who will win? Who will be fired? Who will be the next Apprentice of Kunoichi Movi…


Whatever the media is, VHS, VCD, DVD or Online Streaming, this has been the classic of Kunoichi movie. This is well-known as Bondage Chronicles 緊縛忍法帖 くノ一狩り .

Future Photo Museum

What will you look like in the future?

A ninja should be able to forcast what her target will look like so that she can trace the target in a long term.

Here is a tool called Future Photo Museum 未来写真館. You will see his future face after you submit your target's name.


Three Deers

Ninja use ninja codes, which contain Chinese characters. Chinese characters are, however, encrypted codes themselves.

Chinese toxic dairy products spread over the world recently. It is believed that the source was a well-known Chinese firm called San Lu Group 三鹿集團.

San Lu means 3 deers. Three characters of deer can combine a single character 麤. This character is the original character 粗, which does not only mean thick but also mean coarse, rough and low quality.

The meaning of the combined character comes from how Chinese interpreted deers. Deers run very fast, so they are supposed to be strong 粗壯. Yet they are more difficult to be tamed, so they are supposed to be rude 粗野 and easily out of control. Therefore three characters of deer combine to be such bad meaning.

Haha, the brand has already told you that "I am bad."

We Fight Until Die

Who nowadays still keep such loyal working attitude as female ninja?

Communist Olympics

Not only We Are Ready, but also We Are Ninja!

Worker Strike

Because of rapid inflation and slow wage increase, there are many strikes recently. Who still care about workers nowaday?

Kunoichi's Struggle before Death

Sectors of Economy

According to economics, there are three sectors of economy: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

(Hey! I've learnt it in EPA during primary school.)

Wait... here is not taught in your textbook:

In Primary Industries, people sell their Labor. They are the poorest.

In Secondary Industries, people sell their Wisdom.

In Tertiary Industries, people sell their Dignity. They are the richest.

Every nation races to become the tertiary sector of economy. Yet when people have sold their souls, what do they still have?

What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?
(Matthew 16:26)

(馬太福音 16:26)

A famous blogger Petit Elaine describes herself as

What is your duty? My duty is to sleep everywhere and fawn on strangers.

There is no difference from a Kunoichi.

What Kunoichi Wear

What should a female ninja wear?

She is informing you.


Japan is a ninja society. Everyone is a ninja and they work as a group. Anyone who makes a mistake will affect the whole group and should be punished by the whole society.

Japan gets tough on graffiti - in Florence

Kunoichi left some graffiti on the stonework of the city cathedral's panoramic terrace. The graffiti was found by another ninja later and the ninja reported to the university of the Kunoichi. The issue was widely reported in Japan mass media. The Kunoichi was requested to be exiled to Florence to remove the graffiti and to quit from their study by the public.

On the other hand, the host country does not consider that as a severe guitlty and thinks that Japan society is too serious and too cruel to the young girls.

However, the fate of Kunoichi is always cruel.


My Kunoichi teacher told me that she learnt to be thrown in the beginning of learning Judo. Likewise, a female ninja should learn to suffer from extreme pain before she gets into a battle.

Once a female assassin puts on black stocking, there is the point of no return.

Water Power

The power of water is incredible. The god punished the human being except Noach by water. Ancient Chinese considered the water as the dragon. The water saved Japan from the invasion of Mongolian. Bruce Lee emphasized Kung Fu as flexible and powerful as water.

Unfortunately the tragedy of Si Chuen Earthquake has become more seriously due to the water as well. =.=

Water Torture水責め is a good method against Kunoichi.

Japanese in AV

After a year of Ninja lesson, I have learnt a lot of ninja codes. I find that Kunoichi AV movies utilize those codes usually. There are some you should know:


Good Feeling



There... No way

A little bit


Have you started the revision, schoolmates? The examination of the final semester is also that of promotion.


Carefree 茄哩啡 is a position of a movie. The position might have no script, no gesture, no facial expression. Yet no movie cannot miss such kind of position.

Female Ninja are carefree in battles; they show off and are immediately executed by heroes.

The greatest comedy master Stephen Chow 周星馳 replied when he was shouted as carefree: "I'm actually an actor." 其實, 我係一個演員

Her Story

Everyone has her own story, even if as cruel as a Kunoichi. Is it too late to understand her after you have killed her?

Logo Design

designed by Illust Plus+

Prince Caspian

因為實在對GaForum的評論看不過眼,所以這次要特意正評這一齣戲: The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian。

故事係將聖戰對正常人(教徒口中o既非教徒)o既殺戮堂皇化及有理化,毒害新一代身心,我覺得你可以連o個幾蚊都慳番 。







Female Ninja Professor: All Knowledge on Her Body

Bondage Ninja Scroll

Someone said that the first episode was the classic amongst the series of Bondage Ninja Scroll 緊縛忍法帖, while the second was good and the third was rubbish. I agree with him very much.

The main character of the first episode was Yoko Tsuyuki 露木陽子, who was a famous actress in the last century (she is certainly no longer young). The movie 緊縛忍法帖 is considered as classic, yet I think her photo album with the same title looked even greater. Have a look:

Release Now

As mentioned in ふんどし美少女美術館・別館, we have been looking forward to the latest episode of Female Ninja series published by Kasakura 笠倉出版社 for very long time 待ちに待ってたやっと出た!and the episode is finally released today.

Since the 9th Kunoichi episode has been released, it is the time to review all episodes by Kasakura:
TitleRelease DateComment姫君監禁くノ一地獄唄20 Jun 2003Good Start淫術くノ一忍法帖19 Nov 2004Good Trial淫忍術VS唐人剣 くノ一妖魔外伝25 Nov 2005Great Improvement三姉妹監禁くノ一淫魔伝説16 Dec 2005Great Improvementくノ一戦国美勇伝19 May 2006Excellentあいか 女剣士VSくノ一 星崎あいか17 Oct 2006Average伊賀VS甲賀 くノ一戦勇記29 Jun 2007Excellentくノ一戦勇記II30 Nov 2007Average必殺!くノ一仕置忍法帖30 May 2008Excellent

Congratulation for the achievement of Kasakura! We look forward to appreciating much great works done by Kasakura in near future.

Rapid Attack

Many movies exaggerated the effect of Rapid Attack. It seems the symbol of smart military Strategists. In fact, only a rapid attack with comprehensive planning can bring brilliant success, otherwise any reckless attack is a disaster.

Successful Attack: One warrior terminated three female ninjas.

Failed Attack: Three Kunoichi were executed by the well-prepared defensive force.

The above pictures were enhanced from the original works (up, down) of 刃狂介 (Mr. Yaiba Kyousuke?) published in Gore Gore Mask and Midnight Ladies respectively.


Nylon is well known as the best partner of thieves because of the following advantages:
1. Nylon can transform your face so that no one can recognize you.
2. Nylon can hold any piece of your bodies including hairs and dead skin so that no one can collect your DNA.
3. Nylon can keep your body temperature so that you feel cool in a hot environment while you feel warm in a cold environment.

Apparently the robbery is considered as the easiest job of female ninja. This is because the robber is at the active position while the security guard is at the passive position. Yet a Kunoichi robber should be also careful during mission.

The above Kunoichi was assigned to steal the secret but the defensive guard discovered her. After a series of serious fights, the Kunoichi was defeated and arrested. The Kunoichi was tied up and tortured. Finally she was drown to death.

As the saying goes, any failure is fatal!

Covert cops hit by leaks

As mentioned, any failure in spying is fatal. "A spate of data leaks has extended to undercover police operations, with the names of agents now believed to be available online." reported The Standard. I don't know why how the police force was so careless about their colleague lives. I am afraid that some female agents would be executed by trials in several coming weeks.

Please be seriously concerned with IT Security!

Any Failure

Any job of Kunoichi is dangerous and any failure is fatal, even though the job is as simply as monitoring or spying.

The original pictures (1,2) was created by ラストライダー (Mr. Last Rider?) in 2002 and published in Mr. MET's Midnight Ladies.

Story of Seven Heroes

Seven Samurai 七人の侍 by Akira Kurosawa 黒澤明 is known as the great Japanese movie and has affected the world eternally.

In DOS era, there is a PC game called Story of Seven Heroes 七英雄物語 with the same plot of Seven Samurai but different characters. One is a beautiful but poor female ninja called Shinobu シノブ.

Let's see how beautiful the Kunoichi was, how she was knocked out, how she was raped, how she died.

Kunoichi Army

Eight ninja beauties who wear black bodystockings and veils have formed the strongest army of Kunoichi. Could you challenge them?

Kunoichi Characters

キャラクター名ゲームタイトルあきラジカルシークエンス伊井 霞澄暴走!じゃすてぃす乙女GONE~過ぎ去りし日々~カエデガーディアン神楽 しのぶ凶拳伝説クレイジーナックル2かげろう48~図形の恋~加藤 蔵羅美少女麻雀バトルロマンスキリVMJAPAN霧島 影美ぷろすちゅーでんとGood見当 かなみ鬼畜王ランス甲賀 ひかる赤城山埋蔵金伝説(YESHG)紅蓮妖鬼討伐忍法帳雑賀 京 戦国美少女絵巻空を斬る!沙悟浄 蘭くのいち捕物帖猿飛 加乃  戦国美少女絵巻空を斬る!しのぶ七英雄物語しのぶ鬼畜王ランス白鷺いずみ戦国美少女絵巻空を斬る!鈴鹿ハーフムーンにかわるまで鈴夜闘神都市2瀬切 綾佳ロフティフォーム千羽 良子(紅)葵屋まっしぐらソミア・アルスタキャッスルファンタジア聖魔大戦なつラジカルシークエンス狭山 美紀ロフティフォーム平松 八重ロフティフォームフレイア・イズン鬼畜王ランスほたるGONE~過ぎ去りし日々~増田 千穂     V.G.,V.G.2まふゆ  ラジカルシークエンス御剣 一角(いづみ)とらいあんぐるハート百地 こころ戦国美少女絵巻空を斬る!ゆきGONE~過ぎ去りし日々~蘭妖鬼討伐忍法帳


I can not agree with the intelligence of webguys anymore.

=> 2x1x1+9-3
= 8


=> 1+6+1+0

= 8












=> 8-8-2008
=> Beijing Olympics

Kunoichi Magazine

Will you subscribe a magazine with a Kunoichi being a cover model?

Please vote for your favor of Lady Ninja:
1. Graduate
2. Model
3. Bride
4. Player

Review of Three Semesters

The time goes by quickly. The 4th semester has started. Let me review the key point of each chapter taught in the previous three semesters.

1. Basic Form: ... am/is/are ...
2. Adjective
3. Have Form: There is/are ... in ...
4. Negative Form of Adjective and Number
5. Verb and Time
6. Past Tense of Verb, Day, Family
7. Negative Verb, Date, Give, Think Form: ... think that ...
8. Te Form and Give
9. Continuous Tense and Age

International Worker's Day

The Kunoichi is revealing her identity. The picture shows how she wears the red veil and the black bodystocking immediately to become a lady ninja.

A female ninja is a worker, isn't it? Happy International Workers' Day!

Kunoichi in Newspaper

For the comment of Cosmoman, here is the work:

Is it perfect?

Photo taken in Bakumatsu

Bakumatsu, the period followed by Modernized Meiji Era, is the intersection between the ancient and the modern of Japan. It was the last stage of Samurai and Ninja. For example, The Last Kunoichi くノ一幕末奇譚 talked about that period.

The time never comes back, yet photos can keep the images of the time. Someone developed a program called 幕末古写真ジェネレーター to transform an inputted picture into the one with Bakumatsu style.

Here is an example:

It looks like very old newspaper, doesn't it?

Cherry Blossom

April is the month of Spring. The Cherry blossoms everywhere in Japan. It is nice, isn't it?

A ninja is like a blossoming cherry. Bravo but instant. Falling cherry blossom never comes back. Let see how a ninja fought in WWII:

The Cockpit Part I
The Cockpit Part II
The Cockpit Part III


Miss Hong Kong

Miss Hong Kong, Suki Chui, became a Kunoichi in Japan. She recently hosted a TV show introducing Japanese foods. Does a girl eating a lot of Japanese foods always become a Kunoichi? If true, no wonder why so many HK girls wear black stocking.

Suicide and the Internet

According to researchers from the universities of Bristol, Oxford and Manchester, people searching the Web for information about suicide are more likely to find sites that encourage the act rather than offering help and support.

The findings published in the April 12 issue of BMJ

In order to prevent from suicide atmosphere, I suggest to promote Ninja Spirit. A kunoichi is not allowed to commit suicide, whatever of difficulty and challenges she faces.

For example, even she was raped by men thousand times, she never gives up. She will be patient and wait until an opportunity comes and she can destroy the enemies.

There are some news in HK about suicides of teens. What a pity. They might have not committed suicide if they had studied Ninja Spirit.

Ninja Festival


Iga Ninja Festival 2008
Date: 1st April 2008 - 6th May 2008
Venue: Ueno Park, Iga City, Japan

Have fun!

Veil Formula

The Chinese Master defined the style of Female Assassins. They wear black veil and black suit. How mysterious they are.

Yet their stories seem the same, as if following a formula: Show, Fight and Lose, whenever it happened in the past, modern or contemporary.

There is a touching story of a female assassin, who was called Yumechou 夢蝶:

Any gentleman not touched by her word "I am willing to be killed by your sword."?


There is a ninja campaign in the Eve of every year. The campaign is between Ninja and Kunoichi. It is well known as Kōhaku Uta Gassen 紅白歌合戦.

Who is the best ninja? Certainly the one who can fight for eight years.

1999, the 50th

2000, the 51st

2001, the 52nd

2002, the 53rd

2003, the 54th

2004, the 55th

2005, the 56th

2006, the 57th

2007, the 58th

The forever Kunoichi is Ayumi Hamasaki 浜崎あゆみ.


There is a series of games called Akudaikan 悪代官 in PS2. Unlike typical games of being a hero, you will act as an evil government officer in the game. Your enemies are heros of the just. You should any bad things such as corruption to fight against them. What a weired idea!

Official Website of Akudaikan 悪代官

Official Website of Akudaikan 2 悪代官2

The Female Ninja was tortured by Flatulence, then raped.

Official Website of Akudaikan 3 悪代官3

The Kunoichi was caught and tortured to surrender.

Execution: 木馬責め石抱きの刑

Axe Busters

Flash Game:

Let's attack the Kunoichi at office!

Fatal Weapon

The following is the notice posted in HK somewhere:

I should announce to the public that I have suffered from AIDS. I found this disease after I separated from a girl with whom I made love half years before separation. When I gave her a phone call to inform my disease, she replied me that she suffered from AIDS too and spread it to you on purpose.

Since she was poor, she made boy friends one by one and spread AIDS to them. She made love with them so that her boy friends would give her money. She got the money to purchase expensive medicine against AIDS.

She told me that my disease is incessant and cut the phone call. Although we separated, I gave her more than 50,000 dollars.

Be careful, she always appears in discos, bars and clubs to make boy friends. In order to prevent the public suffering such terrible disease, I should announce her information:

Name: Ka Ka
Height: 5'8"
Residence: Hin King Estate
Office: Sha Tin

AIDS is a disease more terrible than death!

Do you know her? If she w…

Oriental Culture

Ninja always investigate the military information of the enemies as well as the allies. Similarly the American always urges the Chinese to be open even after China does a lot.

In the recent American report of China Military, the American criticizes the Chinese being mysterious according to Deng's slogan:


Its translation is "Observe calmly; secure our position; cope with affairs calmly; hide our capacities and bide our time; be good at maintaining a low profile; and never claim leadership."

Anyone who knows Chinese literature well will laugh at the translation.

The Hollywood appreciated Tom Cruises' "The Last Samurai" because they do not understand the Japanese culture. I think it would be similarly attractive to produce "The Last Scholar" next time.

Behind the Great Premier

Today is the 110th birthday ceremony of Zhou Enlai 周恩來, so-called the Great Premier of the People's Republic of China. He earned the reputation because of his gentle manner, ability of recovering economy from Mao's campaign, intelligence shown in diplomacy, protecting some people from Culture Revolution and so on.

He was a good man, however, he could be very cruel in fact.

A Communist Party's senior member of Gu Shun Zhang 顧順章 betrayed the party in 30s. His family members also collected the top secret of the party and were willing to follow Mr. Gu.

Since the secret was definitely about the survival of the party, Mr. Zhou led a group of communists to execute Gu's family, including his wife, sister-in-law and aunt.

Would they become Female Ninja to fight against them? I don't know. The fact was that all family members, except a 5-year-old girl, were killed by Zhou's people.

Should a great man be cruel? or should only a cruel man be great?

Natsumi Step

Please play the following video first:

(For better quality, please go to here.)

Happy? Pretty? Lovely? Relax?

Well... is there something strange within the video?

Before decrypting the video, please go to here first. When the video shows "End", please right click the animation and click "Play". Then you will know the secret.

Please watch the above video again, watch out some little signs within the video and think about the whole story.


Ok or not, here is the answer:

The girl was called Natsumi Andoh. One day her boyfriend asked for separation. She was very sad and killed her boyfriend by a steel lever.

At 11:36pm, 20th July, she stepped out on a train platform and committed suicide. Then her spirit went to a happy garden as shown in the beginning of the video. There was a sign looking like Death in Chinese character. This meant the garden was for dead people only.

In the middle of the video, the train came back and picked her up again. There was two signs at that…

Fiction: 投銀殺意 III - 畢業晚宴

For those who cannot read Traditional Chinese, please kindly use an online translation tool, e.g. Babel Fish Translation.

Part I
Part II

雖然貴為合夥人, 但是工作量只會有增無減. 合夥人之上還有更高級的合夥人. 一天, 我收到一件苦差, 便是收拾瑪麗與雲妮的遺物. 前者是背叛者, 後者是失敗者, 都是經我之手解決. 在這個金錢掛帥的世界, 刀光劍影, 風聲血雨, 經歷了不少, 但是她倆的殘影還在我的心頭蕩漾. 畢竟, 我今天的地位是她倆的血肉堆砌築成的.

"新發現!" 羅拔驚訝道. "原來她倆是大學同學."

羅拔把一幅相片交給我看, 那是一幅她倆的合照.

"這兒還有雲妮的手稿, 題為畢業晚宴... 內容似乎關於她倆畢業前的一個晚上... 呼... 鳴... 好像很精采, 讓我讀出來吧..."





另一邊廂,瑪麗卻像一點也不害怕,而且當自己被一個黑人瘋吻的時候很主動地幫另一個白人手淫.Oh... very well, yes, here, there. Oh my god... fine. yours is so big, yours is very big too. Naughty, put my shoes off, yes... what're you doing? where's you…

Sumarai Spirit

~ Beginning Dialog ~
Soldier: Report. The enemy is going to attack us!

Soldiers: My lord, please decide action immediately.

Sumarai: The destiny depends on the god.
Armors are worn on body only, while success relies on foot.
Struggling to fight against enemies is common for warriors.
If you think of fighting to death, then you will not die;
otherwise you will be finally killed.
Betraying me equals betraying the god.
My fellow warriors, let us FIGHT!

Original: 春日山壁書


Kunoichi Everywhere

by outofsight

There is probably a female ninja beside you! =.=

Simple Stories

Someone think that simply listing pictures is meaningless. Therefore some description is necessary. For customer satisfaction, here you are:

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

Yes, if you have read this article, you should have known them.

Here is the story of Kunoichi Master クノイチマスター

Here is the story of Masuda Chiho 増田千穂

Statement Interpretation

The main character of the recent Hong Kong Sex Photo Scandal showed his apology video clip yesterday. Typical people only focused on his hair style, his dressing, his English tone and his outlook. Yet only Kunoichi are able to interpret the content of the statement by Linguistic Ninjutsu.

Edison Chen's Statement on 4th Feb 2008
I've decided to break my silence today and make this statement to the media and to all people involved in this strange ordeal. Recent documents being posted online have been intentionally hurtful and malicious not only to the victims but to our whole community.

I have already handed matters over to the police and have been assisting them with this case from the first day onwards. Due to ongoing investigations, I am unable to comment any further upon this case.

The lives of many innocent people have been affected by this malicious and criminal conduct, and in this regard I am filled with pain, hurt and frustration.

I hereby use this opportunity to apologize t…

Why Nylon

Japan is a northern country. It is very cold in winter. In the ancient Japan, spies or ninja had to wear some very cold place to sniff confidential information. If their clothes were too thick, they had been easily discovered by enemies. If thin normal clothes, they were freeze by the extreme weather.

Experts pointed out that none of material could keep warm better than the air could. Thinker clothes you wear, thinker air layer you keep. Therefore you feel warm when you wear think clothes.

Alternatively, the nylon is material very thin but very effective to trap the air. The trapped air becomes an effective thermoisolator to keep heat under the nylon. If the nylon is black, the black color can absorb the heat radiation. Therefore black stocking can keep warm.

Thanks Wallace Carothers at DuPont for inventing the nylon, Kunoichi can wear black bodystocking to commit missions and Office Ladies can wear skirt with black stocking in freezing offices.

Thanks the fashion designer, black stocking…


Have you ever heard of Uncyclopedia?

Counterpart of Wikipedia? Yes, similarly. It's an encyclopedia of Kuso contents. You'll find nonsense definitions of common words there.

Here is an uncylopediarized definition of Female Ninja:


* 色誘之術(金)


* 隱身之術(木)


* 情報之術(水)


* 氣功之術(火)


* 假面之術(土)



Investment By One Million Bucks

Kunoichi is a loyal tool to commit a mission. If you can leverage her in a financial market, you will gain significantly.

Be ready to fight in the stock market of Dead Or Alive.

There is a blog with the exclusive advices of Stock Market. The blog is called Investment By One Million Bucks.

Fight Until We Die

Even if a female ninja is in an extremely poor situation, no surrender or suicide is allowed. She can only fight until death. No choice else.

女忍者 風 無残

It is easy to die but brave to work till the last. Kunoichi is brave, even braver than a man, isn't she?

Infernal Affairs

The phone rang.

"Thanks Thai." Sum said.
"That's good." Thai said. "Let us finish Ngai's family, ok?"
"Thai..." Sum said. "Please don't do too much."
"When you met me in the Thailand, it was lucky to save your life." Thai said. "That bullet did not shoot at you, then our partnership has been established for sake of our destiny. We must do in such way."

Sum hanged up the phone. Finally, the whole Ngai's family, including an elder woman, a lady and a baby girl , were all executed.

This is the way Assassins go.

Elementary Class Day 51-54

A new season 季節(きせつ) of training has started again. The first day is the result announcement of the last examination. Very bad. We have to strike this semester. Make a goal 目標(もくひょう)and reach it little by little ちょっとずつ.


Unlike Chinese, Ninja celebrate their New Year according to the solar calender. Ninja only give Lucky Money お年玉(としだま)to very closed relatives, not general relatives or friends. The senior 先輩(せんぱい) gives the junior 後輩(こうはい). Ninja exchange ninja greeting cards for New Year 年賀状(ねんがじょう).

Ninja do similarly in the Summer (around the end of August). It is called Summer Greeting 暑中見舞(しょちゅうみまい).


Terrible Death

Some people are easy to say death. It sounds as easy as going to sleep. In fact, they would no longer think so once they have seen the real death.

Kunoichi Case: 12
The female ninja, who wore black stocking, was killed in the failed mission. Her nylon was torn apart and everywhere nearby was full of blood.

Get the job well done. Respect for life!

Dressing Code

Bodystocking is well-known as the essential dressing code of Kunoichi. It's comfortable, looks beautiful but difficult to dress.

The ninja blonde demonstrates the full sheer bodystocking.

What's more:

Female Ninja dances
Ninja Girl shows
Lady Ninja plays the magic