Elementary Class Day 45-50

Have you ever visited Japan? Be careful, there are various ninja. Some are good, some are bad.

The scenery 景色(けしき)風景(ふうけい)is beautiful. We are assigned to form a group 一組(ひとくみ)to visit the beautiful nation.

We will stay 泊まる(とまる) at hotel, rather than live in 住む(すむ), in Shinagawa 品川. We cannot be sleep more 寝坊(ねぼう)する because there will be a list of places we will visit:


After we visit, we will bought some souvenir お土産(おみやげ) and some electronic products 電子製品(でんしせいひん). We visited 魚や(うおや)too.

As a result, we ate a lot, such as carrot 人参, radish 大根(だいこん), Tsukemono 漬物, ginger 生姜(しょうが), etc. We were full お腹(なか)がいっぽい, not hungry 空(す)いた. You know we are not leaves, we cannot do photosynthesis 光合成(こうごうせい).

Being a successful Kunoichi, she should always visit a Beauty Shop 美容院(びよういん). When Kunoichi visited a Beauty Shop, Ninja became a pedestrian 通行人(つうこうにん). You know?

We also saw Big Letter 大文字(だいもんじ), not Capital Letter 大文字(おおもじ), in Mt. Fuji. Some ninja couples held wedding there. 結婚式(けっこんしき)を挙げる


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