Saturday, October 13, 2007

Elementary Class Day 35-38

Chapter Five focuses on timing. Similar to Project Management at work 仕事(しごと), timing is critical to ninja mission. Therefore we should know to handle the ninja code of timing.

Normal people work in day time, so they work in the morning and belong to Morning Style 朝型(あさがた); On the other hand, ninja work in dark, so we belong to Night Style 夜型(よるがた).

The teacher requested us to become shadow 影(かげ). We should follow the ninja codes spoken by CD tightly, as if we should follow our target enemies as tightly as a shadow to the subject. It reminds us that the father of ninja led the Shadow Army 影の軍団(かげのぐんだん), which consists of Kunoichi, thought all the female ninja finally sacrified for missions. The teacher emphasized that we should do absolutely 絶対(ぜったい). This is a must 必ず(かならず). Will we be stil ok まだ大丈夫 or already failed もうだめ? We should be trained well such that it will become our habbit 習慣(しゅうかん).

There are intransitive verbs 自動詞 and transitive verbs 他動詞 in ninja codes. Some can belong to both. For example, drop can be 落とす(vt) and 落ちる(vi). Open can be 開ける(vt) and 開く(vi). Similar to typical languages, preposition such as に and へ is needed for transitive verbs.

When we exchange secret through letter paper 手紙(てがみ), we should be very careful. Otherwise, our lord 主人(しゅじん) may become a prisoner 囚人(しゅうじん). How can we stand well in front of father 父(ちち)and mother 母(はは)?

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Ninja magic is fatal. A typical magic is fatal too. More fatal is the magic, more attractive is the performance.

Which magic is the most dangerous? The fatal isn't the Water Torture Cell or the Buried Alive illusion, or even the Straitjacket Escape. The effect known as the Bullet Catch has claimed the lives of at least 15 magicians who were killed in connection with the potentially lethal trick (according to library).

Five magician angels in black stocking (taken in The 4th Hong Kong Magic Festival)