Pirates versus Ninjas

Pirates versus Ninjas is a well-known Internet humor. Yet they have not been trapped in the Internet, they have been fighting on the big screen. That is Pirates versus Ninjas: The Movie.

The producer chose the pretty woman as a ninja. This is an excellent choice. Since both are silent, wear black clothes and must be on a strict diet, they match.


Anticbtis7 said…
I say ninjas are better than pirates.
However, the female ninja was defeated by the pirate and her veil was put off in the movie. What would you do next if you were the pirate?
Anticbtis7 said…
I guess I would rape and tortrue her. You know, this girl from Ruronin Kenshin seems to be be both a kunoichi and a pirate.
fargone said…
Does anyone know which movie/film this scene is from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozuQPFHhsx4

I tried asking the youtube owner but he didn't answer.

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