Optical Illusion

The optical illusion is a well-known ninja magic.

Does the Kunoichi rotate clockwisely or counter-clockwisely?

If you find it clockwise, then your right brain hemisphere is dominant, else so is your left-brain.


宇宙人 said…
funny trick !!!
I am having my head filled of dizziness now @@
Anticbtis7 said…
I see her spinning to both sides.
If you can see both directions, then your IQ is probably higher than 160. You are genius enough to defeat Kunoichi.
Anticbtis7 said…
You think so? Think I can capture a beautiful kunoichi?
70miler said…
it's just a fake.
i saw it spinning clockwise for a while, and then it spinning anti-clockwise.it depends on how much time you wait for.

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