Elementary Class Day 32-34

Our Kunoichi teacher brought her mother, who came from Japanese to visit our teacher, to the class. Therefore our teacher talked a lot about her family in the class, after 後で(あとで)she described the content 内容(ないよう)of ninja magic and answered our questions 質問(しつもん).

Sensei is married, so she wears a ring 結婚指輪(けっこんゆびわ). There is a rabbit with long ears 耳(みみ)and a dog in her home in Japan. The dog is male 雄(オス) while the rabbit is female 雌(メス). She would like to buy something 買物(かいもの)as a present プレゼント for her mother, especially there is a discount ティスカウント or a mega sale 割引き(わりびき), no matter whether it is a bunch 束(たば)of flower or a loaf 斤(きん)of bread. It was wonderful if 50% off 50(ごじゅう)パーオフ.

Sensei liked playing ninja codes in childihood. 084 means Good Morning おはよう. 39 means Thank You サンキュウ.

Sensei likes Chinese meal 中華料理(ちゅうかりょうり), such as 炒飯(チャーハン). On the other hand, Chinese can eat anything that move, so there are various kinds of foods 食物(しょくもの). We raised a lot of foods else 他の(ほかの)we like:

Abalone 鮑(あわび)
buckwheat 蕎麦(そば)
Citron 柚子(ゆず)
Curry Chicken チキンカレー
Enokitake えのき茸(たけ)
Fried Chicken 唐揚げ(からあげ)
Fruit 果物(くだもの)
Hot ホット/熱い
Iced アイス/冷たい(つめたい)
Japanese radish 大根(だいこん)
Octopus 章魚(たこ)
Ox tongue 牛タン
Pizza お好み焼き(おこのみやき)
Plum Wine 梅酒(うめしゅ)
Sea Cucumber 海鼠(なまこ)
Sea Urchin 海胆(うに)
Shark Fin 鱶鰭(ふかひれ)
Sukiyaki すき焼き
Swallow Nest 燕の巣(つばめのす)
Teppanyaki 鉄板焼き(てっぱんやき)
Tortoises Jelly 亀ゼリー
Tropical Fish 熱帯魚(ねったいぎょ)
Vinegar ポン酢(ポンず)
Whale 鯨(くじら)

When we were crazy to talk about our favorite foods, Sensei suddenly wrote down something on the whiteboard 白板(はくばん)(Yes, we are moderm, we do not use a blackboard 黒板(こくばん)):

Next Lesson: Chapter 4 Test!


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