Elementary Class Day 29

Sensei announced that the prime minister of Japan resigned. 安倍総理(あべそうり)が辞(や)めた

Will ninja die for his resignation because of loyality? Definitely not. Japan is a fully democratic nation. The government of the people by the people for the people operates with separation of powers amongst the administration, the congress and the court.

Cosmoman said that ninja code was confusing. Here are some examples:

The literal meaning is No. 18. The actual meaning is the most favorite skill.

Twenty years old

Following the lesson, there are many homeworks.


良少 said…
There is much homework, I think it's no problem.
On the other hand, the figure in Japanese is so funny.
Anonymous said…
No 「にじゅうさい」, it It is accurately pronounced, 「にじゅっさい」or 「にじっさい」.
No, having homework is not a problem. Practice leads Perfect.

Mr. anonymous, I understand your highlight.

For thirty or fourty years old, they would be さんじっさい and よんじっさい respectively. However, according to my young teacher, that form is said by the elder people. The youth would say さんじゅうさい and よんじゅうさい respectively. You know, language is always revoluting.

For twenty years old, it is still better to say はたち.
Anonymous said…
I did not know the pronunciation.
It is not believed for a moment by me though the pronunciation and
the intonation of a young person were always changeable certainly.

Mr. Anonymous, thanks for your links. I understand your meaning.

Google may not be the best method of statistics.

Here is a website to research the Japanese pronounciation: http://pro.tok2.com/~nhg/reserch/reserch1-37.htm

By the way, since I am a beginner, I still keep the standard pronounciation as you suggest.

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