Elementary Class Day 27

Long time no see, everybody.

夏休み has just finished. I did not practise anymore in the summer vacation, so I felt very difficult in the first lesson of 二学期(にがっき)the second semester. There are so many new spellings. In addition, ninja numbering is different from the normal one, epecially for counting word 助数詞(じょすうし). Therefore normal enemies could not count what a ninja has counted, especially in an order 注文(ちゅうもん).

Since a ninja must follow any order from her lord, when her lord completes his statement of the order, she should respond to him.

She should say "I have understood" わかりました or more polite form is "I have certainly understood" かしこまりました.

For ninja, a negative statement of an adjective word is not just add "NOT", but its suffix will be changed. Yet some is completely changed.

Good いい
Not good よくありません

Decoding ninja word is always challenging, isn't it?

PS: It is interesting to find that Taiwan Education Department recorded varied writing of Chinese characters in Varied Writing Dictionary 異體字字典. Many ninja words are derived from the varied forms of their original forms.


良少 said…
I think unit 4 is more difficult one. 助数詞 always changes and that's not easy to remember.

Grammar in adjective, that's the same except "good".
宇宙人 said…
sometimes ... dun u think grammar in Japanese language is quite confusing ?
Are you Cheung Hok Leung? Very nice to meet you. I have no Yahoo! account, so I cannot leave message in your blog.

Yes, very difficult to remember the counting words. There are many variations.

Hi Cosmoman. Roughly speaking, yes, the grammer looks quite confusing. But you study more, you will understsand Japanese thinks anything very fine. They care even very little difference. You may think some are the same, but they may not.
良少 said…
I change my blog to blogger now...anyway, learning Japanese is my interested, try best to remember the counting words is a not difficult thing.

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