Trading Card

Stock indexes rocket to the latest peak around the world. Hong Kong people are crazy about stock. They have been trained well as trading machines since they were children.

Hong Kong children in 90s were crazy about trading card. They bought them by one dollar and sold them with premium.

Do they remind some memory of your childhood? In 90s, Chun Li was the hottest idol of boys. She was the strongest woman in the world, yet they imagined how they could destroy the heroine wearing black stocking.


宇宙人 said…
o, that's cool. I remind there is also kind of HK version Street Fighter trading cards ---- 王牌金卡大決戰 collection.

Of course, using illustration of HK Street Fighter comic.

Pretty creative actually
I didn't hear about it? What does it mean?

Have you still collected such trading cards? Twinkle cards especially?

Street Fighter of Hong Kong version was not bad actually.

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