Have you found a new widget on the bottom left side?

Blogger Templates offers a very useful widget to list recent comments.

You know, Blogger does not offer any widget to do so. I have been very tired to search recent comments distributed into each blog entry.

The work is well done. Tracing, a kind of ninja magic, is not easy. If a Kunoichi is not careful, she would be traced back by enemies and ...


宇宙人 said…
to be honest, I won't need such function, as the comments are past, why would I need to check it time by time ? If I need to recall it, I will just search it at the control page.

btw, suddenly notice that your readers come from all over the world !!
That control is necessary for me. If the latest comment locates at my oldest blog entry, without that control, I am not aware of it. It acts as an alarm to inform me that someone left a message.

Yes, as you saw ClustrMaps, there are various readers, even in Middle East, Africa, Iceland and Hawaii. This means Kunoichi is a popular topic around the world.

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