Love to Devil

Private love is forbidden for ninja because it will reduce her mental quality.

In the story Eye of Ashura Castle 阿修羅城の瞳, when the Kunoichi (by Miyazawa Rie 宮沢りえ) fell in love, she would become the king of devils and destruct the human world.

(12:30) A kunoichi was uncovered by a man, then she fell in love with him.


宇宙人 said…
But I think LOVE can give her power and courage to overcome challenger too.
Love is a needle with two pins. Yet many people lose their ways in Love.
Anonymous said…
Here are some more kunoichi cosplay links:

Separate images in higher resolution:

Thanks a lot for your links. I like the first two links because there are black female ninja.

Actually, I don't like the main role of the game KUNOICHI because she looks too cyber.

I prefer a female ninja who dresses black bodystocking and black veil.
The Elderly said…
first i ever seen of Miyazawa Rie ... gulp!
Ms. Miyazawa is a popular female actor in Pacific Asia. Now you can put her mask off.

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