Elementary Class Day 20-22

From now on これから, we have to be hardworking because the test of Chapter 3 and 期末試験(きまつしけん)the exam of the first semester are coming. Spell: 頑張って!


Why do ninja use two different codes to represent one kanji? This is called 音便(おんびん).

Three new things to know:
箱(はこ) Box
金魚(きんぎょ) Goldfish
薬屋(くすりや)/薬局(やっきょく) Pharmacy

In Chapter 3, we learn directions.
上(うえ) Above
下(した) Below
左(ひだり) Left
右(みぎ) Right
前(まえ) Front
後ろ(うしろ) Back
間(あいだ) Between
そば Nearby
隣(となり) Next
近く(ちかく) Vicinity
横(よこ) Side

Don't get lost.


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