Elementary Class Day 17 and 18

We learnt more codes of some places. You know, if you do not know the code, how do you know where you commit your missions?

公園(こうえん) Park
図書室(としょしつ) Room of Library
会議室(かいぎしつ) Conference Room

Being a ninja, sometimes he should know to say NO: いいえ、違(ちが)います。

The test of Chapter 2 was not too difficult. After the test, Sensei assigns a practice to us.

いらっしゃいませ。 Hello. Can I help you?

We were divided into two groups. Kunoichi students dressed black bodystocking. They were assigned to provide secret information to Ninja students of the counterpart. Ninja student were assigned to retrieve the secret information from Kunoichi students of the counterpart.

After the practice, we found that we have not known a lot. We have to do better in Chapter 3.


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