Elementary Class Day 16

何(なに)がいい事(こと)ありましたか。 What nice thing happend?
最近(さいきん)どう。/どうよ。 How are you recently?

Sensei was concerned about us. She is so kind.

Being a ninja, he should be highly concentrated. Coffee is one of drink to increase ninja concentration power. The most famous coffee shop in the world is Starbucks スターバックス or ninja call it スタバ. In Hong Kong, another famous coffee shop is Pacific Coffee パシフィック コーヒー.

When ninja feel tired, he should ask his teammates:

お茶(ちゃ)する。 Let's go to drink coffee.


宇宙人 said…
I say, dun drink Starbuck. The more drop u take, the more invasion done on those 3rd world countries.
Did you mean its unfair trade in the third world countries? What brand else would you suggest?
宇宙人 said…
I would say, we better make our own coffee, it is very common to buy material and tools here.
Crack coffee corns into powders by ourselves? interesting. Have you tried it yet?
The Elderly said…
in Ireland we can buy "fairtrade" coffee, which gives a better deal to the coffee farmers, though to be honest i drink cheap instant coffee, too much!
haha... instant coffee is more convenient and economic.

Are coffee shops popular in Ireland?

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