Cyber Inner Palace

Oooku 大奥 or Inner Palace is the forbidden area, which only women of Shogun 将軍 were allowed. Because of the strict rule, Inner Palace had been a very mysterious place.

Thanking the advanced Information Technology, a cyber Inner Palace can be created. You can explore such mysterious area through a computer. This is the initial idea of the movie called Cyber Inner Palace 電脳大奥.

Kunoichi vs Samurai

Be careful, the area is guarded by female ninja. Rise your sword and finish her.

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Tlaloc said…
Excuse me, how can I watch the video?
Can't you watch the video by clicking the play button?
Tlaloc said…
It tells me that it is explicit content and that it is reserved for adults.

The message only shows inside the video website. If you watch it inside my blog, it should be ok.
Tlaloc said…
I can see it now, but how can I download it?
The Elderly said…
worth risk.... (heads off to the inner palace...)
worth risk? Take care, don't look down the female ninja clans.

You couldn't download it. What's worse, the movie has been dropped.
Anonymous said…
Any place where i can still watch this movie?

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