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Love to Devil

Private love is forbidden for ninja because it will reduce her mental quality.

In the story Eye of Ashura Castle 阿修羅城の瞳, when the Kunoichi (by Miyazawa Rie 宮沢りえ) fell in love, she would become the king of devils and destruct the human world.

(12:30) A kunoichi was uncovered by a man, then she fell in love with him.

Cyber Inner Palace

Oooku 大奥 or Inner Palace is the forbidden area, which only women of Shogun 将軍 were allowed. Because of the strict rule, Inner Palace had been a very mysterious place.

Thanking the advanced Information Technology, a cyber Inner Palace can be created. You can explore such mysterious area through a computer. This is the initial idea of the movie called Cyber Inner Palace 電脳大奥.

Kunoichi vs Samurai

Be careful, the area is guarded by female ninja. Rise your sword and finish her.

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The Most Beautiful Lady

Salina is the most beautiful lady I have ever met.

Trading Card

Stock indexes rocket to the latest peak around the world. Hong Kong people are crazy about stock. They have been trained well as trading machines since they were children.

Hong Kong children in 90s were crazy about trading card. They bought them by one dollar and sold them with premium.

Do they remind some memory of your childhood? In 90s, Chun Li was the hottest idol of boys. She was the strongest woman in the world, yet they imagined how they could destroy the heroine wearing black stocking.

Elementary Class Day 20-22

From now on これから, we have to be hardworking because the test of Chapter 3 and 期末試験(きまつしけん)the exam of the first semester are coming. Spell: 頑張って!


Why do ninja use two different codes to represent one kanji? This is called 音便(おんびん).

Three new things to know:
箱(はこ) Box
金魚(きんぎょ) Goldfish
薬屋(くすりや)/薬局(やっきょく) Pharmacy

In Chapter 3, we learn directions.
上(うえ) Above
下(した) Below
左(ひだり) Left
右(みぎ) Right
前(まえ) Front
後ろ(うしろ) Back
間(あいだ) Between
そば Nearby
隣(となり) Next
近く(ちかく) Vicinity
横(よこ) Side

Don't get lost.

Secret Weapon II

A Ninja has various secret weapons. The last article introduced Shuriken. Shuriken is not only portable but also able to absorb toxic fluids. When her enemies get hurt by her Shuriken, the wound will be also fatal.

A Kunoichi was making toxic Shurikens.

Similar to the Pacific War of WWII, Air Supremacy is critical for ninja actions. If a ninja can fly, she can overcome many defensive equipments. Planes and helicopters are common in the massive modern battles, but they are too noisy and bulky for ninja. What flying machine else? KITE!

A Kunoichi assassinated her enemy from a kite.

You may think that a kite is just a toy. However, a kite was invented for battles 2000 years ago in China.

Elementary Class Day 19

Sensei got fever 風邪(かぜ)を引(ひ)く. Take care お大事(だいじ)に, Sensei.

This lesson run very fast. For ninja, time is life. Our action should be quick. We learnt how to identity existence and number of targets, such as resources and enemies.

名詞A に 形容詞B 名詞C が います。
There is adjective B noun C (animal or people) in noun A.

名詞A に 形容詞B 名詞C が あります。
There is adjective B noun C (plant or non living item) in noun A.

For example,

There is a lovely female ninja in the room.

There is a lovely but dead female ninja in the room.

Numbering is important for ninja. If a Kunoichi could not identify some places with a lot 大勢(おおぜい)of enemies or a lot 沢山(たくさん)of traps, she would have been captured, mass raped and killed eventually.


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The work is well done. Tracing, a kind of ninja magic, is not easy. If a Kunoichi is not careful, she would be traced back by enemies and ...

Elementary Class Day 17 and 18

We learnt more codes of some places. You know, if you do not know the code, how do you know where you commit your missions?

公園(こうえん) Park
図書室(としょしつ) Room of Library
会議室(かいぎしつ) Conference Room

Being a ninja, sometimes he should know to say NO: いいえ、違(ちが)います。

The test of Chapter 2 was not too difficult. After the test, Sensei assigns a practice to us.

いらっしゃいませ。 Hello. Can I help you?

We were divided into two groups. Kunoichi students dressed black bodystocking. They were assigned to provide secret information to Ninja students of the counterpart. Ninja student were assigned to retrieve the secret information from Kunoichi students of the counterpart.

After the practice, we found that we have not known a lot. We have to do better in Chapter 3.

Fiction: 嘉永五年的市集

If you would like to understand the background history, please refer to Black Ships - Wikipedia.












Elementary Class Day 16

何(なに)がいい事(こと)ありましたか。 What nice thing happend?
最近(さいきん)どう。/どうよ。 How are you recently?

Sensei was concerned about us. She is so kind.

Being a ninja, he should be highly concentrated. Coffee is one of drink to increase ninja concentration power. The most famous coffee shop in the world is Starbucks スターバックス or ninja call it スタバ. In Hong Kong, another famous coffee shop is Pacific Coffee パシフィック コーヒー.

When ninja feel tired, he should ask his teammates:

お茶(ちゃ)する。 Let's go to drink coffee.