Song of My Friend

Professor Ng introduced a song called Song of My Friend 友達の詩 authored by Nakamura Ataru 中村中, who is a transsexual singer. I was touched after reading the lyrics.

《友達の詩》 Song of My Friend
曲:中村中 Composer: Nakamura Ataru
詞:中村中 Lyrics: Nakamura Ataru

触れるまでもなく先の事が (I can't touch the event in front of me.)
見えてしまうなんて (What can be said when farewell?)
そんなつまらない恋を (Frustrated love)
随分続けて来たね (still comes again.)

胸の痛み 治さないで (The pain of my chest can't be recovered.)
別の傷で隠すけど (It will be convered by another hurt.)
簡単にばれてしまう (Yet it is be uncovered.)
どこからか流れてしまう (no idea from where it flows.)

手を繋ぐくらいでいい (It is good enough if I can hold your hand.)
並んで歩くくらいでいい (It is good enough if we can walk shoulder by shoulder.)
それすら危ういから (However, it is too dangerous.)
大切な人は友達くらいでいい (So it is better to remain our friendship.)

寄り掛からなけりゃ傍に居れたの? (Can a lonely man as I lie on you?)
気にしていなければ (if you don't mind.)
離れたけれど今更… (Although we are separated,)
無理だと気付く (I understand that was impossible.)

笑われて馬鹿にされて (It is foolish to be laughed)
それでも憎めないなんて (without hate.)
自分だけ責めるなんて (It is only my fault,)
いつまでも 情けないね (I am really rubbish.)

忘れた頃に もう一度会えたら (Let us meet again after we forget so.)
仲良くしてね (Can we be friends?)

友達くらいが丁度 いい (It is good to be friends only.)


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