Miss Universe 2007

The champion of Miss Universe 2007 is Japanese. She is called Riyo Mori 森理世.

She looks lovely but sometimes fierce. That's why she have attracted many men, especially for successful men. On the other hand, it shows her probably a female ninja. Why did a Kunoichi participate the Miss Universe campaign? Would she utilize that identity to spy confidential information of each nation? Is any evil scheme ongoing?


Tlaloc said…
I also love that Miss Japan is Miss Universe.
宇宙人 said…
Yes, she is hot, but frankly, the result is quite unbelievable.
Hi tlaloc, did you watch the competition on TV? Do you think the result is unbelievable?
Tlaloc said…
I don't believe it was unbelievable, did not watch it on tv but I was proud that it took place in Mexico and that Japan won in Mexico.
The show was held in Mexico. This means Mexico an important international city.

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