Iga vs Koka

Because of the great sucess of the movie Kunoichi Sengoku Biyuden, Kasakura releases a new movie about female ninja in black bodystocking. The movie is called Iga vs Koka Kunoichi Senyuki 伊賀VS甲賀 くノ一戦勇記. It talks about the violent competition between Iga 伊賀 and Koka 甲賀, two well known organizations of Japanese ninja.

Are you familiar with the ninja competition? Yes, the competition story has been adapted in SHINOBI -HEART UNDER BLADE-, the greatest love story of ninja.


Tlaloc said…
I would love to have those DVDs.
Yes, it is a wonderful movie. Yet it is sold in Japan only, unless it is available in some US websites such as YesAsia.com.
The Elderly said…
indeed a very intersting title....(heads over to YesAsia...)
Yes, the topic is very interesting. The Kunoichi, especially for the Koga Kunoichi, look very beautiful too.
Anonymous said…
This video was a very good work. By the way, "甲賀" is read as "KOGA".
It is read as KOGA? Thanks, I thought KOKA because the city shown in wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koga%2C_Shiga is spelled as Kōka-shi. Why?
Anonymous said…
There is two kinds of pronunciations of "甲賀".
It is accurate to read as "koka" the name of a place.
However, pronouncing "Koga" in person name, name of the thing,
and ninja's sects is general.
It is being written "Kouka" in URL below HP.
However, it is "Koga" in the mark of a top image.
Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.

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