In Chinese society, Chinese who work in European or American enterprises are appreciated because of their talent. Yet those who work in Japanese companies or even study Japanese are considered Traitor or Hanjian 漢奸 in Chinese specific term.

This female ninja was caught by Chinese patriotism freaks. She was tortured, raped and killed. Her black bodystocking with bloody skin was torn down all.

Is it actually a historical problem, geographical conflict or political strategy?


WhatItIS said…
Not all the chinese like that.
Hi whatitis,

Glad to hear so. If more people do so, Pacific Asia will be more peaceful. It it benefitical to both nations.
Tlaloc said…
Where is that picture from? Wish I could rape and torture a kunoichi!!! :)
The picture came from the movie called Challenge of the Lady Ninja. I do not want to do bad things. Yet the lady betrayed her race and she should suffer from such bad result at last.

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