Elementary Class Day 9

There was nothing new in class. We just practised what we have learnt before.

First, Kanji homework was returned. Unlike typical Chinese, ninja have their own ways to write Chinese characters. Sensei emphasized the importance of correct drawing of Kanji.

Secondly, two new surnames are introduced: 王(おう)and 橋本(はしもと). If you want to learn more skills yourself, you should go to a library 図書館(としょかん).

Thirdly, when a ninja is in a mission, he should turn off 切る(きる)all communication equipment or he would be traced by enemies.

Finally, a ninja has his own way to remember foreign items so that foreign enemies do not understand.

Paris パリ
Spain スペイン
Italy イタリア
Italian Dinning イタ飯(めし)=イタリア料理(りょうり)


宇宙人 said…
I like プラハ !!

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