Elementary Class Day 15

Being a ninja, he should do everything seriously and accurately. His job should not be ギリギリ almost over the deadline, for example lateness 遅刻(ちこく).

We revised the confused ninja code again: あめ:雨 Rain/飴 Candy, while sweet snack is called お菓子(かし).

As well as candy and snack, Japanese orange 蜜柑(みかん)can supply sufficient energy. In the winter of Japan 日本の冬(ふゆ), ninja put oranges on 火燵(こたつ)a warming table. Such kind of heater is unique for ninja.

In addition to food, お金(かね)money should be bought for ninja (and for all people). Please use a good wallet お財布(さいふ)to secure it.

Our principal 校長(こうちょう)先生 was introduced tonight. She was called 佐々木 Sasaki. A kunoichi can be promoted to the leader, can't she?


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