Elementary Class Day 12

Sensei committed a mission in Shanghai and left us in classroom for the test. Before the test, the temporary teacher showed us some new codes. They were out of syllabus because the teacher was surprised that we have completed Chapter 1 at that moment. Yes, we are well prepared to kill in battlefields.

Tools that a ninja uses:

プロ Professional - the attitude that a ninja has to be
テレビ Television - the channel of collecting international information
カメラ Camera - the tool of evidence collection
デジカメ Digital Camera
キャップ Cap - the tool of hiding one's identity and gender
シーディー Compact Disc - the tool of storing information as well as cutting enemies' necks
シャープペンシル/シャーペン Mechanical pencil - the tool of recording on some raw material
ハンドバッグ Handbag - the portable tool of containing weapons
修正(しゅうせい)ペン Correction Pen - the tool of eliminating some evidences left
自動車(じどうしゃ) Car - the tool of fast escaping

Characters that a ninja fakes to be:

Kunoichi who exposes her black stocking:
弁護士(べんごし) - Lawyer
警察官(けいさつかん) - Police Officer
看護婦(かんごふ) - Nurse
会計士(かいけいし) - Accountant
歯医者(はいしゃ) - Dentist
受付係り(うけつけかかり) - Receptionist
レジ係り(レジかかり) - Cashier
セールスマン - Salesman
ウェーター/ウェートレス - Waiter/Waitress

Kunoichi who hides her black bodystocking under clothes and pants:
消防士(しょうぼうし) - Fireman
エンジニア - Engineer


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