Elementary Class Day 11

Since Sensei will leave this Friday and a test will be left to us, she helped us to revise Chapter 1.

When a ninja meets his teammate, he should introduce himself 自己紹介(じこしょうかい)or will be considered as an enemy. My self introduction was:


My classmates said various topics in their self-introductions. Some talked about homeland and hobby. For example:

I am a handsome boy.

I am a walking dictionary.

I am a student of Class G, Spring Entry Level.

I work at a company.

I like Japanese movie.

My daughter is lovely.

My hobby is diving.

Sensai expected that we should get 100 points 百点(ひゃくてん)perfectly 完璧(かんぺき), otherwise no doubt もちろん we can't survival in the real battle always いつも. What a cruel reality.

PS: The school gave each of us a colorful ninja-scrolls, which is used for a radio program called 日語自遊行(ようこそにほんへ)IIIの最和味(アジザンマイ).


宇宙人 said…
good luck to you all ninja tachi

actually are u going to apply postion in Japanese company ??
I don't think so. Someone said Japanese firms are like the hell.
pretty cool really like oriental and we here in Brazil love parabens
your page is very well done


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