Elementary Class Day 10

Sensai got hurt!

Her eyes 目(め)were attacked with garbage ゴミ in the morning 今朝(けさ)yesterday. She felt very painful 痛い(いたい). Yet she said she was ok 大丈夫(だいじょうぶ).

Wow, being a female ninja is not easy and very dangerous.

Sensai said she would start another mission with her Judo 柔道(じゅうどう)Team in Shanghai 上海(シャンハイ)next week 来週(らいしゅう)so an alternative Sensai will attend the class next Friday and give us a test of the whole chapter 1, including all printouts プリント. She said "I go. Please come 来て下さい(きてください)next week."

In addition to typical revisions, there are many new things in class.

An important thing is food. As a Chinese saying goes, eating is at the top priority of people 民以食為天. Since missions of ninja are very urgent, hurry and mobile, they cannot bring bulky food and drink. Therefore they like to drink soy milk 豆乳(とうにゅう), which can resolve thirsty and contains as much carbonhydroxide and protein as meat does.

Yet when a ninja was faked as a typical man, he has to eat normal foods, such as McDonald's マクドナルド and Kentucky Fried Chicken ケンタッキーフライドチキン. When a ninja enters such restaurants, he should call the names locally or would be discovered by counterparts. This is because the culture of Japan is divided into two main parts: West 関西(かんさい)and East 関東(かんとう). The west takes Osaka 大阪(おおさか)as the center while the east takes Tokyo 東京(とうきょう). Each part has its dialect 弁(べん). For example, the names of the above restaurants are called マクド and ケンチキrespectively in the western Japan, while マック and ケンタ respectively in the eastern.

Historically speaking, Osaka is the base of Toyotomi Family 豊臣氏(とよとみし)while Tokyo (or Edo 江戸(えど)in Edo Era) is the base of Tokugawa Family 德川氏(とくがわうじ). These two families competed to the rule of Japan in the seventeenth century. Tokugawa Family employed Iga 伊賀 ninja gang, whose family was almost eliminated by Oda Family 織田氏(おだし)and Oda Family was originally the lord of Toyotomi Family.

Sensai is a Kunoichi of Osaka and had spied in Tokyo for many years. She also spied in Yamaguchigumi 山ロ組(やまぐちぐみ), which population of criminal organization members ヤクザ is the biggest in Japan. Therefore she also knows the dialect of Hiroshima 広島弁(ひろしまべん), the language of Yakuza speak. They did intense fight in Shinkansen Railway 新幹線(しんかんせん).

When I listened to Sensai's story, I felt so excited to touch my watch 腕時計(うでどけい)and put my glasses on 眼鏡(めがね)をかける a little bit. Sensai, you are my idol. I like you very much.


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