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Kunoichi Kid

How young the female ninja are. What kind of jobs can they do?

Elementary Class Day 15

Being a ninja, he should do everything seriously and accurately. His job should not be ギリギリ almost over the deadline, for example lateness 遅刻(ちこく).

We revised the confused ninja code again: あめ:雨 Rain/飴 Candy, while sweet snack is called お菓子(かし).

As well as candy and snack, Japanese orange 蜜柑(みかん)can supply sufficient energy. In the winter of Japan 日本の冬(ふゆ), ninja put oranges on 火燵(こたつ)a warming table. Such kind of heater is unique for ninja.

In addition to food, お金(かね)money should be bought for ninja (and for all people). Please use a good wallet お財布(さいふ)to secure it.

Our principal 校長(こうちょう)先生 was introduced tonight. She was called 佐々木 Sasaki. A kunoichi can be promoted to the leader, can't she?

Elementary Class Day 14

Sun Zi said that three critical factors of strategy are Weather & Timing 天, Geography 地 and People 人. Sensei taught us so many items about weather.

Geshi is the day with the longest daytime.










Due to different weathers, ninja wear different clothes in order to maximize their defence.




In addition to the above basic knowledge, we continued teamwork training (as you have seen in movie, ninja work in group rather than alone).






Anything else?

I forgot

What people is it?

How many people is there?

As you see in the last two sentences, two same sentences can represent two different meanings. There are many secrets inside the ninja society.

Iga vs Koka

Because of the great sucess of the movie Kunoichi Sengoku Biyuden, Kasakura releases a new movie about female ninja in black bodystocking. The movie is called Iga vs Koka Kunoichi Senyuki 伊賀VS甲賀 くノ一戦勇記. It talks about the violent competition between Iga 伊賀 and Koka 甲賀, two well known organizations of Japanese ninja.

Are you familiar with the ninja competition? Yes, the competition story has been adapted in SHINOBI -HEART UNDER BLADE-, the greatest love story of ninja.

Elementary Class Day 13

Sensei comes back. I miss you, Sensei.

Sensei invited us to join an online community called MIXI ミクシィ. We will form a ninja group to exchange confidential information. Because of confidentiality, there are some ninja words that typical websites may not have:

写真(しゃしん)/フォト Photo
友人(ゆうじん)に公開(こうかい)Open to friends
友人の友人までに公開 Open to friends' friends
全部(ぜんぶ)に公開 Open to all

Information collection is a common job of a ninja. Adjective 形容詞(けいようし)is always used to describe some things. This is the goal of Chapter 2.

In addition to those in the textbook, there are some else:
デブ Fat
スタイルが良い(いい) Good body shape
汚い(きたない) Dirty

Since missions of ninja are highly confidential, they use same pronounciation to represent different meanings. For example,

かみ:紙 Paper、神 God、髪 Hair
はな:花 Flower、鼻 Nose
あつい:厚い Thick、暑い Hot(weather)、熱い Hot (matter)
いっかい:一回 One time、一階 First floor (Ground floor in Japan)

Elementary Class Day 12

Sensei committed a mission in Shanghai and left us in classroom for the test. Before the test, the temporary teacher showed us some new codes. They were out of syllabus because the teacher was surprised that we have completed Chapter 1 at that moment. Yes, we are well prepared to kill in battlefields.

Tools that a ninja uses:

プロ Professional - the attitude that a ninja has to be
テレビ Television - the channel of collecting international information
カメラ Camera - the tool of evidence collection
デジカメ Digital Camera
キャップ Cap - the tool of hiding one's identity and gender
シーディー Compact Disc - the tool of storing information as well as cutting enemies' necks
シャープペンシル/シャーペン Mechanical pencil - the tool of recording on some raw material
ハンドバッグ Handbag - the portable tool of containing weapons
修正(しゅうせい)ペン Correction Pen - the tool of eliminating some evidences left
自動車(じどうしゃ) Car - the tool of fast escaping

Characters that a ninja fakes to be:

Kunoichi who exposes her black stocking:
弁護士(べんごし) - Lawy…

Song of My Friend

Professor Ng introduced a song called Song of My Friend 友達の詩 authored by Nakamura Ataru 中村中, who is a transsexual singer. I was touched after reading the lyrics.

《友達の詩》 Song of My Friend
曲:中村中 Composer: Nakamura Ataru
詞:中村中 Lyrics: Nakamura Ataru

触れるまでもなく先の事が (I can't touch the event in front of me.)
見えてしまうなんて (What can be said when farewell?)
そんなつまらない恋を (Frustrated love)
随分続けて来たね (still comes again.)

胸の痛み 治さないで (The pain of my chest can't be recovered.)
別の傷で隠すけど (It will be convered by another hurt.)
簡単にばれてしまう (Yet it is be uncovered.)
どこからか流れてしまう (no idea from where it flows.)

手を繋ぐくらいでいい (It is good enough if I can hold your hand.)
並んで歩くくらいでいい (It is good enough if we can walk shoulder by shoulder.)
それすら危ういから (However, it is too dangerous.)
大切な人は友達くらいでいい (So it is better to remain our friendship.)

寄り掛からなけりゃ傍に居れたの? (Can a lonely man as I lie on you?)
気にしていなければ (if you don't mind.)
離れたけれど今更… (Although we are separated,)
無理だと気付く (I understand that was impossible.)

笑われて馬鹿にされて (It is foolish to …

Elementary Class Day 11

Since Sensei will leave this Friday and a test will be left to us, she helped us to revise Chapter 1.

When a ninja meets his teammate, he should introduce himself 自己紹介(じこしょうかい)or will be considered as an enemy. My self introduction was:


My classmates said various topics in their self-introductions. Some talked about homeland and hobby. For example:

I am a handsome boy.

I am a walking dictionary.

I am a student of Class G, Spring Entry Level.

I work at a company.

I like Japanese movie.

My daughter is lovely.

My hobby is diving.

Sensai expected that we should get 100 points 百点(ひゃくてん)perfectly 完璧(かんぺき), otherwise no doubt もちろん we can't survival in the real battle always いつも. What a cruel reality.

PS: The school gave each of us a colorful ninja-scrolls, which is used for a radio program called 日語自遊行(ようこそにほんへ)IIIの最和味(アジザンマイ).

A Life of Ninja

You read how a ninja is trained. Have you ever seen how a ninja is trained?

Being a Kunoichi, in addition to typical physical education and fighting skill, she should be trained to suffer from various cruel tortures. Do you still think that information retrieval from a female ninja is easy?


Foreign audience may be familar with Red Shadow in the Big Screen, while Japanese is more familiar with it in the home screen. The origin is the TV drama series Masked Ninja Red Shadow 仮面の忍者 赤影.

In each episode of the TV drama, there were some enemies to be defeated by the hero Red Shadow. Two of them are bad female ninja.

仮面の忍者赤影 くノ一  前編

仮面の忍者赤影 くノ一  後編

As you see, the bad Kunoichi wore stocking to do bad things. Similar to Swift Hero Lion Maru, the hero needed to face the attack of bad Kunoichi and to terminate them all.

Elementary Class Day 10

Sensai got hurt!

Her eyes 目(め)were attacked with garbage ゴミ in the morning 今朝(けさ)yesterday. She felt very painful 痛い(いたい). Yet she said she was ok 大丈夫(だいじょうぶ).

Wow, being a female ninja is not easy and very dangerous.

Sensai said she would start another mission with her Judo 柔道(じゅうどう)Team in Shanghai 上海(シャンハイ)next week 来週(らいしゅう)so an alternative Sensai will attend the class next Friday and give us a test of the whole chapter 1, including all printouts プリント. She said "I go. Please come 来て下さい(きてください)next week."

In addition to typical revisions, there are many new things in class.

An important thing is food. As a Chinese saying goes, eating is at the top priority of people 民以食為天. Since missions of ninja are very urgent, hurry and mobile, they cannot bring bulky food and drink. Therefore they like to drink soy milk 豆乳(とうにゅう), which can resolve thirsty and contains as much carbonhydroxide and protein as meat does.

Yet when a ninja was faked as a typical man, he has to eat normal foods…

Rebirth of Shadow Army

The original Kage No Gundan cannot be replaced, although Shin Kage No Gundan 新・影の軍団 was released. The original version is the best. Therefore the DVD of the original version is released by Toei 東映 so that we can review the classics.

Yet my YouTube account containing a video clip of Kage No Gundan IV was deleted because of the new release. It seems that Kunoichi around Hattori Hanzo have started to work.

Elementary Class Day 9

There was nothing new in class. We just practised what we have learnt before.

First, Kanji homework was returned. Unlike typical Chinese, ninja have their own ways to write Chinese characters. Sensei emphasized the importance of correct drawing of Kanji.

Secondly, two new surnames are introduced: 王(おう)and 橋本(はしもと). If you want to learn more skills yourself, you should go to a library 図書館(としょかん).

Thirdly, when a ninja is in a mission, he should turn off 切る(きる)all communication equipment or he would be traced by enemies.

Finally, a ninja has his own way to remember foreign items so that foreign enemies do not understand.

Paris パリ
Spain スペイン
Italy イタリア
Italian Dinning イタ飯(めし)=イタリア料理(りょうり)

3D Creation

3D characters design would be a nightmare. It is really time-consuming to utilize 3D Studio to create such fine items as hair and nylon.

Thank to Alpinek, the famous 3D human figure creation software is introduced. This is called Poser. Another software which is compatible with Poser but free is called DAZ|Studio. There are some communities providing some works and plug-in in the Internet.

It sounds a good software to create our own Kunoichi, doesn't it?

Created by Alpinek. A female assassin who dressed as a bunny girl was hanged to death by her enemies.


In Chinese society, Chinese who work in European or American enterprises are appreciated because of their talent. Yet those who work in Japanese companies or even study Japanese are considered Traitor or Hanjian 漢奸 in Chinese specific term.

This female ninja was caught by Chinese patriotism freaks. She was tortured, raped and killed. Her black bodystocking with bloody skin was torn down all.

Is it actually a historical problem, geographical conflict or political strategy?

Elementary Class Day 8

Let us revise ninja codes matching normal words of the last lesson:


Measurement is critical in battles. As the greatest strategist Sun Zi 孫子 said, more and finer measurement, higher probability of success. Numbering is the fundamental of measurement and ninja should know how to handle ninja specific numbering.

0 れい(ゼロ)
1 いち
2 に
3 さん
4 よん(し)
5 ご
6 ろく
7 なな(しち)
8 はち
9 きゅう
10 じゅう
11 じゅういち
20 にじゅう
100 ひゃく
1000 せん

As the above mentioned, numbering is the fundamental for ninja, so we should be careful about that. The code to remind teammates to be careful is:

Why should we remind our teammates? This is because ninja emphasizes team spirit.We need friends 友達(ともだち). Sometimes we will have boyfriends 彼氏(かれし) or girlfriends 彼女(かのじょ) along our lives.

Miss Universe 2007

The champion of Miss Universe 2007 is Japanese. She is called Riyo Mori 森理世.

She looks lovely but sometimes fierce. That's why she have attracted many men, especially for successful men. On the other hand, it shows her probably a female ninja. Why did a Kunoichi participate the Miss Universe campaign? Would she utilize that identity to spy confidential information of each nation? Is any evil scheme ongoing?