Net Fiction

The Internet has changed China, which had been a closed and mysterious country. Chinese show off their creativity through the Internet. One is Net Fiction.

Net Fiction is a kind of fiction published on the Internet instead of traditional bookstore. Unlike traditional books, its content is various and independent to the popularity of topics. Some of them are involved in community participation. Therefore you will be suprised with how special it is after you read it.

Here is an example: Bu Si Xie Shen 不死邪神 by Jiang Hua 江和. The story was it about Chinese heroes fought against Kunoichi group. Let us explore how female ninja were killed there.


宇宙人 said…
We got long time being politically-wrong illustrated
in Japanese comic, let's see how our comrade counter-strike with our own comic ~~ go go go !!

btw, long long not seeing u signing, busy ?
I do not quite understand. Could you give me some examples, please?
宇宙人 said…
Well... do u remember what chinese characters look like in comic of year of 80s ?
They always wearing a cap with red star and in green army uniform. Not get it ?
Think about how a 紅衛兵 looks like
waistlove said…
Hi, is there any site with stories of a Kunoichi being cut in half at the most delicate part of her beautiful body... the waist (in Chinese or English)?

Also, are there good movie scenes of Kunoichis being cut in half at the waist?

Also what are the good video games with such scenes?
Hi Cosmoman, I got your meaning.

Hi Waistlove, this blog contains many fictions (search it by the keyword Fiction) of cutting Kunoichi.

I posted some related. For video games, you can refer to Survival Arts. You can cut the female ninja in half.

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