Elementary Class Day Two

I feel that Sensei looks more beautiful once I watch her more. Is it her Kunoichi Ninpou くノ一忍法.

Like business administration, Ninja Strategy focuses on Time Management. Here is the code of Time Management as the following:

Weekday 曜日 Youbi
Monday 月曜日 Getsu Youbi
Tuesday 火曜日 Ka Youbi
Wednesday 水曜日 Sui Youbi
Thursday 木曜日 Moku Youbi
Friday 金曜日 Kin Youbi
Saturday 土曜日 Do Youbi
Sunday 日曜日 Nichi Youbi

Since Time Management is important, it should be kept in secret. When ninja exchange data of Time, they communicate in secret words:

Which weekday is today?
今日は何曜日ですか?Kyou Ha Naniyoubi Desuka?

Today is Friday.
今日は金曜日です。 Kyou Ha Kinyoubi Desu.

What is today?
今日は何日ですか? Kyou Ha Nannichi Desuka?

Today is the eleventh of May.
今日は五月十一日です。 Kyou Ha Gogatsuzyuuichinichi Desu.

Sensei said she was good at Judo 柔道. Wow, being a professional Kunoichi, not only Ninja Magic, but also Material Art should be very well for attack and defence.

She said she was curious about local Foot Massage 足つぼマッサージ. Did she mean to use such method to assassinate male enemies?

In the end of the lesson, she asked us to do more exercises 練習 because there will be some tests テスト in the coming weeks. They include tests of Hiragana ひらがな, Katakana カタカナ and Pronunciation 発音. She drew a lovely heart icon beside an encouraging phrase: 頑張ってね!


宇宙人 said…
Is this a new episode of novel ?
In fact, judo training consist of many rolling exercise, on the ground or in the air, I think this would help a lot for Kunoichi Ninpou as well.
Don't you think that it is a real study? Please be looking forward to the following.
Tlaloc said…
Your sensei looks interesting, she is a kunoichi and also strong woman in judo like Shinobu Ayukawa aka Eri Matsui (maybe Eri/Shinobu is a kunoichi???). I would love to learn martial arts but I am too old to learn well now :(.
Actually Ninjatsu does not emphasize too much on Martial Arts.

The most important is the use of strategy and tactic. Ninja attack secretly while Samurai fight openly.
pretty cool really like oriental and we here in Brazil love parabens
your page is very well done
Minas Gerais

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