Elementary Class Day Three

Ninjatsu is not easy for normal people. There were three classmates missed last night. Some classmates complained the progress too fast. However, some talent classmates have caught up very well and gone beyond. Sensei is really a tough Kunoichi. Well, in the real world, it is alive or dead. Don't lag behind.

After submitting the homework, Sensei gave us another Shukudai 宿題, including Chapter 1 Vocabulary 一課の単語, Pronunciation Practice 発音練習 and Chinese Radical Practice 漢字練習. In addition, for better communication in class, Sensei taught us the following simple secret:

Remember 覚えて Oboete
Understand わかる Wakaru
Not understand わからない Wakaranai

Since the mission of ninja is very critical and secret, cooperation and teamwork are important. In order to have a strong teamwork, respect to each other is very important. Ninja does not miss any greeting あいさつ when he does something, e.g. come in, start to eat, sleep, etc.

Good morning お早うございます Ohayougozaimasu
Good bye さよなら Sayonara
Good afternoon 今日は Konnichiha
Good evening 今晩は Konbanha
Good night お休みなさい Oyasuminasai
Please どうぞ Douzo
Thank you very much どうぞありがとう Douzoarigatou
Excuse me すみません Sumimasen
Start to eat いただきます Itadakimasu
Finish eating ごちそうさま Gochisousama
Sorry for my late 遅れてすみません Okuretesumimasen
I go いってきます Ittekimasu
Please go いってらっしゃい Itterasshai
I am back ただいま Tadaima
Welcome back お帰りなさい Okaerinasai

In addition, Sensei trained us four variations of ん sound:

m sound -
Samma 秋刀魚 Sanma
Civilization 文明 Bunmei
Seeing 見物 Kenbutsu
Jogging 散歩 Sanpo

n sound -
Everybody 皆 Minna
Objection 反対 Hantai
Chimney 煙突 Entotsu
Track 線路 Senro
Bookshelf 本棚 Hondana
This time 今度 Konto

ng sound -
Weather 天気 Tenki
Bank 銀行 Gingou
Music 音楽 Ongaku

N sound -
Clerk 店員 Tenin
Thousand dollar 千円 Senen
Safety 安心 Anshin
Check 検査 Kensa
Bakery パンヤ Panya
Best friend 親友 Shinyuu
Telephone 電話 Denwa
Woman clothes 婦人服 Huzinhuku
The book is read 本を読む Honwoyomu

Wow, like ninja variation, the single sound varies a lot.

In English, the order of alphabet starts from a, b, c and so on. In Ninja code, the secret order follows i, ro, ha, ... Words have no obvious relation with each other. Actually the order comes from いろは歌 the song of Iroha.

Sensei said we would learn much efficiently if we had an electronic dictionary 電子辞書, as well as NDS that provides written explanation. When you write a ninja word on the screen of NDS, it will show explanations of the word. The latter sounds a good choice.

For those who would like to find ninja in Japan, it is suggested to browse the website of Hiragana Times. It is a useful website for foreigners in Japan.


宇宙人 said…
Sounds like it is something Japanese language lesson rather than ninja tactics.
Haha... you get the trick. It sounds more interesting, doesn't it?

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