Elementary Class Day One

In order to understand more about Kunoichi, I enrolled a ninja class and it was the first lesson yesterday.

When the teacher came, I was surprised. Instead of a serious elder man, she was a beautiful, energetic and well-built lady. I doubted whether she was really a female ninja.

"My name is Mizu." she said.

Mizu 水 means the water. Kunoichi belongs to the element of water. Well, why could a Kunoichi speak in native American English?

"My father is Japanese and my mother is American." she continued to introduce herself.

This explained why her English was so fluent. If she was a child of a ninja and a catwoman, then she would be a very powerful Kunoichi. She asked us to call her Sen Sei 先生.

Then she asked us to introduce themselves.

"ケイ。私は学生です。(My name is Kay. I am a student.)" I replied.

There were some senior classmates. They called themselves Sha Kai Zin 社会人.

After introduction, she assigned a secret number to each of us. The number is called Ban Go 番号. Each of us got the number during collecting three sets of ninja scrolls.

I learnt two sets of ninja codes. One set is called Hiragana ひらがな and the other is Katakana カタカナ. Rather than simply writing it down, she forced us to follow the order of stroke 書き順. If we did not follow, the code that looked right would be wrong. It was really a mysterious ninja magic.


Tess said…
始めまして, ケイ さん. ぼくたち友達 に成りたい.

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