Elementary Class Day Four

A ninja faces challeneges everyday, so he should be well prepared all the time. For students, tests are required. Hiragana test was done last Friday.

After the test, Sensei returned our homework. Most of us failed. She pointed out that most of us missed the secret of the words. Some strokes are sharp while some are blunt. They should not been mixed up. Being a ninja, we should be very very careful or die.

Sensei told us that learning is a process of Listening 聴く, Speaking 話す, Writing 書き and Reading 読み in order. For example, you listen how to spell a ninja magic, then you practice the spell by speaking. After so, you write it down on a ninja scroll to remember it. You also read other scrolls to improve yourself.

Direction is critical in missions. You will go to your target and keep far from traps. We should instruct our teammates from dangers. The code of direction is Kosoado Kotoba こそあど言葉.

A ninja covered his face by mask because of hiding his identity. In order to show his identity to his teammates, the following code should be used:

I am a student, not a female ninja. 私は学生です。くノ一ではありません。

This sunday, the ninja institute showed a movie about a super ninja scroll called Death Note. When you write a name on the scroll, the person who is called the name will die. The main character who wanted to utilize the ninja magic to create a new world order was defeated by his enemy's trick. A female ninja who wore black suit was killed and another Kunoichi escaped. It shows that a good strategy (Top Ninja uses) is more useful than a good magic (Entry Ninja uses).


宇宙人 said…
Actually I think both of the general strategy and personal skill are important for everyone in the battlefield.
You will be the greatest if you are good at both skills.

On the other hand, as saying goes, whatever outstanding tactic could not cover the loss made by any failure of strategy.

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