Elementary Class Day 7

Because of my jobs on hand, I was late last night. 先生、遅れてすみません。

Once I walked in the classroom, the last test paper was passed to us. I found two words on the whiteboard:


Both means feeling disappointed. Was Sensei disappointed with our results?

A ninja should be very professional at keeping something secret and hidding them, so we continued to practice how to omit some words in a sentence. The omission is called 省略 ShouRyaku. Something can be omitted, i.e. 省略できます, while some cannot, i.e. 省略できません.

In addition to hide some secret, information collection is another important job of a ninja. How can we do so? From 新聞 Shinbun newspaper パソコン and Personal Computer.

A senior classmate told me that when a ninja collected information, he should be able to distinguish ninja words from typical words. For example, 傘 and 傘(かさ). Could you see the difference?

Ninjutsu is difficult 難しい(むずかしい)...


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