Elementary Class Day 5 and 6

Since the weather important in battles, a ninja should know how to detect the humidity. Sensei told us the humidity once she came in the room.

The humidity is high.

She said again next day.

The humidity is high too today.

Then she passed a questionnaire called Anketo アンケート. That was called the today submitting from the office オフィスへ今日提出.

When a ninja decodes a secret message, he should be able to recognize the part of speech of each words. Here is the fundamental pattern of sentence or Bunkei 文型:

Noun A + は + Noun B + です。 (Positive Statement)
Noun A + は + Noun B + ではありません。 (Negative Statement)
Noun A + は + Noun B + じゃありません。 (Negative Statement, Informal)

Noun is called Meishi 名詞 while some assistant part of speech is called Zyoshi 助詞.

Like normal English, they would change the part of speech of a word by changing its suffix such as Toori 通り (Noun) and Tooru 通る (Verb).

In addition, the sound length of a word defines its meaning. For example,

おばさん Aunt vs おばあさん Grandmother
おじさん Uncle vs おじいさん Grandfather
います It is vs いいます It says
きて Wear vs きいて Listen
ビル Building vs ビール Beer
すき Like vs スキー Ski

For people, a ninja can recognize its level by their names. If their names begin with 御、お、ご、み, then they are well respected. For example, Oishasan お医者さん Doctor, Gochisousama 御馳走様 Thank you (I have enjoyed my meal very much).

There are many things to be memorized for a ninja. For example, 〒 郵便番号 Yuubinbangou Postal Code, ワープロ Word Processor, 古い Hurui Old, etc.

Sensei asked us to memorize them as much as possible. The memorization method of a ninja is called Anki 暗記.


宇宙人 said…
When you go through more and more about Japanese language, you will discover most of them are STOLEN from ancient chinese
Someone said the greatest ninja Hattori Hanzoh 服部半蔵 was Chinese and his original surname was Qin 秦.

You can say "STOLEN". On the other hand, Japanese is the best to preserve all of Chinese culture, while most of them have been destroyed in the mainland.
宇宙人 said…
Partly correct, I won't totally agree about that.

Japanese didn't learn the core stuff of traditional Chinese culture 儒家.

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