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Elementary Class Day 7

Because of my jobs on hand, I was late last night. 先生、遅れてすみません。

Once I walked in the classroom, the last test paper was passed to us. I found two words on the whiteboard:


Both means feeling disappointed. Was Sensei disappointed with our results?

A ninja should be very professional at keeping something secret and hidding them, so we continued to practice how to omit some words in a sentence. The omission is called 省略 ShouRyaku. Something can be omitted, i.e. 省略できます, while some cannot, i.e. 省略できません.

In addition to hide some secret, information collection is another important job of a ninja. How can we do so? From 新聞 Shinbun newspaper パソコン and Personal Computer.

A senior classmate told me that when a ninja collected information, he should be able to distinguish ninja words from typical words. For example, 傘 and 傘(かさ). Could you see the difference?

Ninjutsu is difficult 難しい(むずかしい)...

Kunoichi Audition

Kunoichi Audition, a competition of Kunoichi, was introduced in Sport Campaign but the given link was broken. Here is the latest URL:

By the way, some schoolmates also build their own blogs and exchange learning experience. Here are some:
Little Step

Elementary Class Day 5 and 6

Since the weather important in battles, a ninja should know how to detect the humidity. Sensei told us the humidity once she came in the room.

The humidity is high.

She said again next day.

The humidity is high too today.

Then she passed a questionnaire called Anketo アンケート. That was called the today submitting from the office オフィスへ今日提出.

When a ninja decodes a secret message, he should be able to recognize the part of speech of each words. Here is the fundamental pattern of sentence or Bunkei 文型:

Noun A + は + Noun B + です。 (Positive Statement)
Noun A + は + Noun B + ではありません。 (Negative Statement)
Noun A + は + Noun B + じゃありません。 (Negative Statement, Informal)

Noun is called Meishi 名詞 while some assistant part of speech is called Zyoshi 助詞.

Like normal English, they would change the part of speech of a word by changing its suffix such as Toori 通り (Noun) and Tooru 通る (Verb).

In addition, the sound length of a word defines its meaning. For example,

おばさん Aunt vs おばあさん Grandm…

Complete Protection

Someone said the uncovered area would be attacked if the bodystocking is used to protect the body of a female ninja. Well, how about if her bodystocking covers all the part, including her fingers and toes?

A kunoichi student put on full sheer bodystocking.

Elementary Class Day Four

A ninja faces challeneges everyday, so he should be well prepared all the time. For students, tests are required. Hiragana test was done last Friday.

After the test, Sensei returned our homework. Most of us failed. She pointed out that most of us missed the secret of the words. Some strokes are sharp while some are blunt. They should not been mixed up. Being a ninja, we should be very very careful or die.

Sensei told us that learning is a process of Listening 聴く, Speaking 話す, Writing 書き and Reading 読み in order. For example, you listen how to spell a ninja magic, then you practice the spell by speaking. After so, you write it down on a ninja scroll to remember it. You also read other scrolls to improve yourself.

Direction is critical in missions. You will go to your target and keep far from traps. We should instruct our teammates from dangers. The code of direction is Kosoado Kotoba こそあど言葉.

A ninja covered his face by mask because of hiding his identity. In order to show his identity to hi…

Elementary Class Day Three

Ninjatsu is not easy for normal people. There were three classmates missed last night. Some classmates complained the progress too fast. However, some talent classmates have caught up very well and gone beyond. Sensei is really a tough Kunoichi. Well, in the real world, it is alive or dead. Don't lag behind.

After submitting the homework, Sensei gave us another Shukudai 宿題, including Chapter 1 Vocabulary 一課の単語, Pronunciation Practice 発音練習 and Chinese Radical Practice 漢字練習. In addition, for better communication in class, Sensei taught us the following simple secret:

Remember 覚えて Oboete
Understand わかる Wakaru
Not understand わからない Wakaranai

Since the mission of ninja is very critical and secret, cooperation and teamwork are important. In order to have a strong teamwork, respect to each other is very important. Ninja does not miss any greeting あいさつ when he does something, e.g. come in, start to eat, sleep, etc.

Good morning お早うございます Ohayougozaimasu
Good bye さよなら Sayonara
Good afternoon 今日は Kon…

Elementary Class Day Two

I feel that Sensei looks more beautiful once I watch her more. Is it her Kunoichi Ninpou くノ一忍法.

Like business administration, Ninja Strategy focuses on Time Management. Here is the code of Time Management as the following:

Weekday 曜日 Youbi
Monday 月曜日 Getsu Youbi
Tuesday 火曜日 Ka Youbi
Wednesday 水曜日 Sui Youbi
Thursday 木曜日 Moku Youbi
Friday 金曜日 Kin Youbi
Saturday 土曜日 Do Youbi
Sunday 日曜日 Nichi Youbi

Since Time Management is important, it should be kept in secret. When ninja exchange data of Time, they communicate in secret words:

Which weekday is today?
今日は何曜日ですか?Kyou Ha Naniyoubi Desuka?

Today is Friday.
今日は金曜日です。 Kyou Ha Kinyoubi Desu.

What is today?
今日は何日ですか? Kyou Ha Nannichi Desuka?

Today is the eleventh of May.
今日は五月十一日です。 Kyou Ha Gogatsuzyuuichinichi Desu.

Sensei said she was good at Judo 柔道. Wow, being a professional Kunoichi, not only Ninja Magic, but also Material Art should be very well for attack and defence.

She said she was curious about local Foot Massage 足つぼマッサージ. Did she mean to use such meth…

Elementary Class Day One

In order to understand more about Kunoichi, I enrolled a ninja class and it was the first lesson yesterday.

When the teacher came, I was surprised. Instead of a serious elder man, she was a beautiful, energetic and well-built lady. I doubted whether she was really a female ninja.

"My name is Mizu." she said.

Mizu 水 means the water. Kunoichi belongs to the element of water. Well, why could a Kunoichi speak in native American English?

"My father is Japanese and my mother is American." she continued to introduce herself.

This explained why her English was so fluent. If she was a child of a ninja and a catwoman, then she would be a very powerful Kunoichi. She asked us to call her Sen Sei 先生.

Then she asked us to introduce themselves.

"ケイ。私は学生です。(My name is Kay. I am a student.)" I replied.

There were some senior classmates. They called themselves Sha Kai Zin 社会人.

After introduction, she assigned a secret number to each of us. The number is called Ban Go 番号. Each of us…

Net Fiction

The Internet has changed China, which had been a closed and mysterious country. Chinese show off their creativity through the Internet. One is Net Fiction.

Net Fiction is a kind of fiction published on the Internet instead of traditional bookstore. Unlike traditional books, its content is various and independent to the popularity of topics. Some of them are involved in community participation. Therefore you will be suprised with how special it is after you read it.

Here is an example: Bu Si Xie Shen 不死邪神 by Jiang Hua 江和. The story was it about Chinese heroes fought against Kunoichi group. Let us explore how female ninja were killed there.

Black and Red

As you see in Survival Arts and Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, bad Kunoichi dress in black stocking and red suit. This combination likely represents a popular bad girl.

darkladylaughed posted a typical female enemy, who wore black stocking as well as red OL suit or swimming suit. Let us terminate her!

Reference: 悪の華 ~Dark Lady Laughed and Danced~