Secret Weapon

A popular feature of ninja is their secret weapons. Shuriken 手裏剣 is the well-known one. There are actually various secret weapons, dependent to the environment of usage.

However, there is a limitation of secret weapons. The fatal advantage is its small size and rapid attack, yet its power is smaller compared to conventional weapons. Therefore, they are suitable for assassination rather than face-to-face conflict.

The female ninja was good at secret weapons. Yet she was discovered by enemies and hid her beauty under the veil by suicide.


Anonymous said…
nHummm ever and ver the kunoichi is bad and ever the man is the heroe,
anime and manga too.
There some manga or anime where a kunoichi is the heroiness ? and not only fight with monster , demons or aliens ( typical in manga ).
You are right. Since ninja work secretly while heroes should do anything in public, a ninja is hardly a hero in western sense.

However, in some Japanese movies, ninja can be a hero. He can be considered as hero, if his ultimate goal is just, even though his mean is cruel and secret.

What do you think about the definition of hero?
Anonymous said…
Hi, please can you let me know how I can view the clip as it says it is a private video. Thanks
As I said in Twins Mission, you have to do
1. Register an account in Youtube
2. Subscribe to and make friend with the user yaoming2046
3. Then you can view the videoes, otherwise, send a message to yaoming2046 for request.

I just link to his video sources, not mine.
Anonymous said…
Hmm... Do you know what is the name of this TV series? Thanks
Anonymous said…
Then in all movies and anime the kunoichi are bads, too there are anime or movie with female samurai?, I view a anime in youtube
ram the samurai girl and super bored, I think in view some kunoichi but not, only men.
It is called Zhong Yuan Biao Ju 中原鏢局

Well, in history, there is no female samurai. A samurai is actually a land lord in traditional Japan society, so he must be male.

Yet some movies have created female samurai characters but they are not my interest.
Anonymous said…
Then there is some manga and anime
with a kunoichi as heroines?.
宇宙人 said…
If memory serve me right, Shuriken is once mentioned in the material arts week of nat. geo.

With help of ergonomic analysis, we know that Shuriken is quite a deadly weapon for close middle combat.
Anonymous said…
hi, may i know your email address?
i am a hobby manga drawer( i.e. i draw manga for fun) and i happen to have drawn a few manga sketches of kunoichis. however, i must add that i am quite inexperienced (i only picked up this skill 1.5 years ago), but i will be honoured if you would accept some of my drawings and post it on your blog.
(btw: sorry no not a big fan of that)
thank you very much.

and on another note: reading your blog has given me new insight into the world of kunoichis and will consider incoporating certain ideas from ur blog into my works. a very interesting read i'll say.

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