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Hello World

I am recently frustrated due to my own business as well as the deletion of my picture collection in Zoto. The world trends to much unstable and unreliable. Yet many readers, i.e. YOU, still post comments in my blog. I am very happy about that. Thank you very much.

>>Then there is some manga and anime with a kunoichi as heroines?.

You can find such stories in my previous articles like Kunoichi in Bakumatsu and Ninja Chicks.

>>With help of ergonomic analysis, we know that Shuriken is quite a deadly weapon for close middle combat.

Thanks for your scientific information. Therefore, if a Kunoichi fails to hide herself from the middle distance to her enemies, like the one in the previous video, she will be discovered and killed.

>> may i know your email address? ... i will be honoured if you would accept some of my drawings and post it on your blog. ...

Certainly. My email address is It is my honor to show your drawing of female ninja. Yet I am still find…

Secret Weapon

A popular feature of ninja is their secret weapons. Shuriken 手裏剣 is the well-known one. There are actually various secret weapons, dependent to the environment of usage.

However, there is a limitation of secret weapons. The fatal advantage is its small size and rapid attack, yet its power is smaller compared to conventional weapons. Therefore, they are suitable for assassination rather than face-to-face conflict.

The female ninja was good at secret weapons. Yet she was discovered by enemies and hid her beauty under the veil by suicide.

Twins Mission

The story claimed that because of internal psychological communication, the cooperation of twins could be maximized.

However, when they walk into the evil, even if they are beautiful, being killed is their only ending.

International Women's Day

Whatever relation with Women's Day, all of my photos stored in have been removed. My account is suspended too. The power of Kunoichi worldwide is really significant.

If you are a reader of this blog, please feel free to send me Kunoichi image URLs. Thanks a lot.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The largest enemy of ninja turtles is known as Shredder. He has a female ninja called Karai. He raised her as his daughter.

This female enemy will show off again in the latest 3D animation Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, released on 23 March 2007. Zhang Ziyi will cast to voice this female devil.

Karai leads Foot Clans.

Karai over her dead daughter.

Leo apparently defeats Karai.

Reference: Karai - Wikipedia

Taimanin Asagi

A successful movie will lead to an adapted video game and vice versa. A wonderful Japanese PC game called Taimanin Asagi 対魔忍アサギ is an example.

The PC game, which was developed by Lilith Soft, has been popular and its story is adapted to an animation called 対魔忍アサギ Vol.01逆襲の朧, released on 2 Mar 2007 by Pixy Soft.

Reference: 対魔忍アサギ Lilith対魔忍アサギ Vol.01逆襲の朧

Fiction: 夢的盡頭.第三節.改

For those who cannot read Traditional Chinese, please kindly use an online translation tool, e.g. Babel Fish Translation. The story was adapted from the last chapter of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes 銀河英雄伝説 by Yoshiki Tanaka 田中芳樹.

除了米達麥亞(Wolfgang Mittermeyer)和克斯拉(Ulrich Kessler)之外的五位一級上將和軍務尚書奧貝斯坦(Paul von Oberstein)元帥之飄蕩著爆炸之前的詭異氣氛.軍務尚書告訴大家,鼓吹建立以地球(Earth)為中心的母系社會的地球教徒,他們的殘黨為了結束皇帝萊茵哈特(Reinhard von Lohengramm)的生命,不久之後將會攻擊臨時皇宮.大本營幕僚總監梅克林格(Ernest Mecklinger)一級上將提出了疑問:地球教徒何必做出這樣的暴行呢?只要再等一段時間,不需要他們出手,事情就可以明朗化了.奧貝斯坦的答覆明快地近乎無情:








畢典菲爾特(Fritz Josef Bittenfeld)無意識地握緊了右手,往前踏出了半步,他的兩眼中冒著火花,在行星海尼森(Heinessen)發生過的情況似乎又要再擴大重演了.就在這個時候......


繆拉(Neithardt Muller)拼命地自我壓抑著,然後說了這樣的話.一場衝突勉勉強強地避掉了.