Mist of Chaos

As mentioned, when a lady dresses up bodystocking, she becomes a formal Kunoichi. She should prepare well for every mission as well as her death.

The last mission of Himiko was failed.

Here is another good news for female ninja freaks. PS3 will release a game called Mist Of Chaos ミスト オブ カオス. A character is a beautiful female ninja called Kirigakure Sakura 霧隠桜. She wears a black veil and black bodystocking. Perfect!

Sakura was cut into half.


The Elderly said…
an excellent looking game... though it'll be sometime till i purchase a Ps3. Europe gets no backward compatabilty.... all because they removed a $27 dollar chip for the European market..
Ali said…
The pics lead to a zoto page and you have to pay to sign up just to see the pics, can you display the pics using a different format?
Thanks for your information. Yes, all pictures are removed by Zoto. So I have to find another free photo blog. Do you have any idea? Thanks.

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