Everyone's Japanese

There are plenty of resources of Kunoichi in Japanese websites. Learning Japanese is a must to access those websites. However, Japanese is somehow difficult for English speakers, especially for handling mixed usage of Hiragana, Katakana and Chinese characters.

Some people would use some online translators for understanding and expressing Japanese, which they do not know. Yet the difference between English and Japanese in grammar and culture causes the result disatisfactory. Amongst various online translators, I would like to recommend the online translator of Excite Japan because this translator's wording is more proper.

For long term, we should open the Japanese textbook Everyone's Japanese みんなの日本語.


The Elderly said…
having been enraptured by Japanese culture, learning the language appears to be the next logical step.. thank you for the tip on the excite translation
Yes, it's better for us to learn Japanese as even translators cannot express our true meaning to Japanese audience.

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