Commercial Spy

I don't like most Hotgied works because they are ugly and awful. The models are just naked or badly dressed, and tortured in similarly boring methods. However, Kendra's work Jun/24/03 is an exception.

Kendra was a commercial spy to steal the secret elevator plan but failed in the mission. She was caught by Torque. Eventually she was tortured to death by the secret elevator.

Her look of office lady is nice and charming; red hair, white shirt and black pantyhose. When she dressed the black pantyhose, she has inherited the spirit of Kunoichi as well as the fate.

Very appreciated.

Reference: HOGTIED


Tlaloc said…
I think they are also called industrial spies. It has to be the best work from Hogtied!
Tlaloc said…
Can you tell me what is this Kunoichi TV about?
宇宙人 said…
Hi there, long time no see~
Did you play a PS2 action game called Kunoichi ?
I think you must love it
To tlaloc:
It is a funny TV program hosted by a group of beauties. Their website is and less likely related to female ninja.

To Cosmoman:
Happy Chinese New Year.
Yes, I did. The game style is excellent but I do not like such cyber dressing of the Kunoichi. I would crazily love it if her dressing returns to the traditional one.

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