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What a Strong Man

Someone said that a female ninja was raped to death because she was just a prostitute without any idea of martial art. Yet a man showed his male strength against various female warriors:

Commercial Spy

I don't like most Hotgied works because they are ugly and awful. The models are just naked or badly dressed, and tortured in similarly boring methods. However, Kendra's work Jun/24/03 is an exception.

Kendra was a commercial spy to steal the secret elevator plan but failed in the mission. She was caught by Torque. Eventually she was tortured to death by the secret elevator.

Her look of office lady is nice and charming; red hair, white shirt and black pantyhose. When she dressed the black pantyhose, she has inherited the spirit of Kunoichi as well as the fate.

Very appreciated.

Reference: HOGTIED

Mist of Chaos

As mentioned, when a lady dresses up bodystocking, she becomes a formal Kunoichi. She should prepare well for every mission as well as her death.

The last mission of Himiko was failed.

Here is another good news for female ninja freaks. PS3 will release a game called Mist Of Chaos ミスト オブ カオス. A character is a beautiful female ninja called Kirigakure Sakura 霧隠桜. She wears a black veil and black bodystocking. Perfect!

Sakura was cut into half.

Kunoichi Training Institute

If you are a girl and you want to become a smart, strong and sexy female ninja, you should study in a school rather than by yourself.

くの一養成女学校「シノビ塾」 is a blog of a Kunoichi Training Institue. Wish you will learn more in the blog and become a successful female ninja.

Three Lady Assassins

Romance of Three Kingdoms 三國演義 is a famous Chinese story about heroes fighting for the united China between 220 AC and 280 AC. It is not only a classical literature, but also famous video games due to massive promotion and development of Japanese video game companies.

A fighting game called Warriors of Fate天地を喰らう2・赤壁の戦い is one about the heroic story. As well as brand new style of traditional heroes, it brings three lovely female assassins Mei-Mei 美美, Mei-Ya 美冴 and Mei-Ling 美鈴.

Three Lady Assassins (midi, original)

Three bad mice, dressin' tights.
See how they die, see how they die.
They all fight after the king's fight'r,
Who cut off their waists with a carving knife.
Did you ever see such a thing in your life
As three bad mice?

Everyone's Japanese

There are plenty of resources of Kunoichi in Japanese websites. Learning Japanese is a must to access those websites. However, Japanese is somehow difficult for English speakers, especially for handling mixed usage of Hiragana, Katakana and Chinese characters.

Some people would use some online translators for understanding and expressing Japanese, which they do not know. Yet the difference between English and Japanese in grammar and culture causes the result disatisfactory. Amongst various online translators, I would like to recommend the online translator of Excite Japan because this translator's wording is more proper.

For long term, we should open the Japanese textbook Everyone's Japanese みんなの日本語.


The Urban Kunoichi let me know the importance of Ninja's capability of decoding in the information era. So if you wanna become a successful Kunoichi, you should have an outstanding IQ. Let me challenge you here:

What is the answer? Why?