Teenage Foolishness

Everyone has been young or was. We might think that we have done something stupid when we were young. Yes, teenagers are brave to try, brave to risk and brave to lose. However, there is a bottom line: No wrongdoing against the Just. Challenging the just equals flying to the sun.

Unfortunately, a Kunoichi who was young and pretty risked her life to do so. This pretty girl was called Aska (in the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters).

Aska was lovely and fit in shape.

Aska overlooked her own power and challenged the just force Ninja Turtles.

Aska was sorry about her foolishness just before death.

It is hard to accept killing a young girl. Aska should be young enough to correct, we would forgive her if she had apologized, but she failed to do so. If I were the Ninja Turtle, I would kill her in tears.



Tlaloc said…
Yes Aska, I remember her such a lovely kunoichi. She sure steals the show in the game as she is the one who looks more anime like in a game of western characters. There is a petition to bring her back here http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/askaregresa

Also it is said that the character Bloody Shadow from Rumble Roses is based on Aska, or that it is her but older. Aska is such a lovely girl, I would like to meet someone like her despite I have to be careful as she is a kunoichi. Still I would torture and rape her, I would not have mercy like my heroes the ninja turtles.

Do you remember there was a kunoichi turtle called Venus D' Milo? Never popular, but it should be interesting that they had a kunoichi.
Thanks for introducing the petition. I signed the petition too.

I don't think any Kunoichi Turtle would be popular because of her appearance. However, if a beautiful Kunoichi appears as a bad girl, she would be as very popular as Catwoman.
宇宙人 said…
wow... looks like you like Kunoichi stuff or Japanese martial arts very much.

Did you watch the Martial Arts Week broadcasting on National Geography few months ago ?

I am sure you will love it~
Hi Cosmoman,

Yes, you're right. That's why I started this blog specifying Kunoichi.

I had a video about Female Ninja: http://bladeak.blogspot.com/2006/10/ninja-mission.html

Perhaps it was clipped from National Geography.
Tlaloc said…
I also have a fetish for women who practice martial arts, like Erika Nagai. There is something I have on strong willed women, specially when they get raped.

Of course her appearances does not help, but guess Venus should be included in the database for being kunoichi, here is info on her in Wikipedia:
Well, you're right. I shouldn't discriminate her from her appearance. However she should wear either black veil or stocking, if she wanna join Kunoichi group. Furthermore, she would look much better if she had wore black veil.

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