The Strongest Woman of the World

(She was knocked out in the game)

Discussing various female fighters wearing black stocking, we should not ignore the most important female fighter. She is so called the world's strongest woman. Her name is Chun Li 春麗.

(Effective Attack against her: Bearhug)

Here is the quote of Wikipedia about Chun-Li phenomenon:

Chun-Li is one of the earliest female video game protagonists to achieve widespread popularity.

Prior to Street Fighter II being released in 1991, most female characters in games existed as objectives to be rescued or cast in the roles of other supporting characters, such as townspeople, girlfriends, the occasional opponent, or simply background decoration; as such, there were very few heroines in action-based video games.

After the success of Street Fighter II and Chun-Li's popularity, female protagonists became increasingly common. Since then, in games with selectable characters, at least one of them will almost always be female; and a number of games released since that have placed a female character in the lead role.

(She lost.)

Wikipedia also describes the typical dressing of Chun-Li:

Chun-Li wears the qipao, a traditional Chinese dress popular among girls during the early 20th Century. Her outfit is modified to allow a far wider range of movement than a normal qipao. She also wears combat boots and dark brown sheer pantyhose with her qipao. Her qipao is blue with golden yellow accents.


宇宙人 said…
Asamiya Athena and Ling Xiaoyu were my favorite fighting characters. I wonder if they 2 got anyone connection with Chun Li
Hi Cosmosman,

I don't think any direct connection between them and Chun Li because of creations in different companies. However, as suggested in Wikipedia, the success of Chun Li encourages heroine roles in following fighting games and having heroine roles become a must.
Tlaloc said…
Yes trully Chun Li was the woman who gave more importance to female videogame characters, despite Samus Aran came first. Lara Croft will never be the true video game heroine as she will never reach Samus and Chun Li.
The Elderly said…
chun li rocks, excellent post
Thanks. I think it looks quite appropriate to the theme of your blogs too.
Insect Royalty said…
Chun li is a proud and beautiful warrior. She also happens to look magnificent in defeat.

Torn pantyhose and bloodied lips...laying unconscious before her foe.
Insect Royalty said…
If you like the idea of a conquered Chun li, please join my Yahoo group!
Hi Insect Royalty,

You are the greatest man. Thank you very much.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Kunoichi Terminator!

Here is the site of a friend of mine, he also enjoys creating images of CHun li defeated:
Insect Royalty said…
That was me who posted that!
So ya...
Did you like the image of Chun li beaten by Ken?
Thanks for your link:

It is great. Please go ahead to fight against Chun Li as well as other heroines who wear black stocking.

Ken is certainly ready to defeat Chun Li, isn't he?

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