Middle East Invasion

A friend said he would form a group of female ninja to fight against the capitalism empire. Yes, you could do so. Female ninja do not only appear in Japan, but also some non-Japanese lords form Kunoichi teams.

Crusaders invaded the Middle East thousand years ago. The local formed a group of veiled female assassins to strike against the invaders. However the female gang sacrificed their lives but failed the mission. How poor they were.

Likewise, being a female assassin, she should accept being killed at last. Let us finish her!

Reference: Episode 10, Robin Hood by BBC


Tlaloc said…
You know, would you even consider Gwen from the cartoon Ben 10? Once she had powers thanks to a mask and put on black/purple nylon over her and became the Lucky Girl heroine, and looked like a little Catwoman.
It sounds cool.

This article is for your reference so that you can form a Kunoichi army. Be strong and fight!
The Elderly said…
..phew! im exhausted, nice outfits...
You like it? veiled female assassins also appeared in the Middle East. Be aware!

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