Hissatsu 必殺 series are long stories in TV, Movie and Manga about how the hero Nakamura Mondo 中村主水 to punish bad guys. An interesting point of this series is the usage of various assassination tools by heroes.

In the episode 6 of Hissatsu movie 必殺!主水死す, there were many Kunoichi wearing black bodysuit. They were commmanded to arrest two escaped ladies, whom the heroes aimed to save. The heroes set up traps to mass kill Kunoichi.

The group of ladies put off their maid clothes and became female ninja. Yet they finally became victims of the Massacre.

The first Kunoichi killed by heroes

A long-leg Kunoichi was killed by a steel fork.

Two lovely Kunoichi were killed by flying needles.

A Kunoichi was hanged to death.

As you see, Kunoichi is very poor. Either her lord or enemy considered her as unvaluable as an insect, so she could be sacrificed or killed easily. No compassion was given to such lovely girl.



Tlaloc said…
Yes, thank you for showing how kunoichi can be executed! Thanks!
You're welcome. It's not only an execution, but also a massacre. That's why it's become classics!

For your information, Kunoichi's dressing of this episode of Hissatsu inherits that of Kunoichi Chronicles.

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