Growing Up

One of most popular characters in Spirit Hero Wataru 魔神英雄伝ワタル is Shinobibe Himiko 忍部ヒミコ, who is a ninja girl. She is small, lovely and naive, and always makes jokes. She looks a child all the time.

In an episode of Spirit Hero Wataru 2, she was sent to her future world in order to find her true love. In that world, her friends were all gone and she became lonely. Finally she met a lady ninja, who was actually herself in the future, and the lady ninja conducted her to find her own true love. Just after child Himiko went back her original world, the lady Himiko showed her identity to audience and said,

"You are a child, but you will grow up at last. You will understand the lonliness of the adult."

(Three different ages of Himiko)

Although the lady Himiko keeps lovely smiling, she has worn black bodystocking and her sword has been stained with blood. What do they mean?


Tlaloc said…
Does it mean that her beauty remains, but lost her innocence?
Yes. She does not only remain lovely but also becomes hot and more attractive. Her innocence never dies; it just fades away. This is the way of adulthood. Haven't you ever walked through?

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