Family Career

In the Disney story Mulan, Mulan replaced her father to participate the military service. Likewise, many careers in a traditional Japanese society were family-style. Ninja, a career and the lowest class of the society, was a typical example. Children of Ninja should inherit from their parents to be ninja with no exception. Here is the case about Career Inheritance - Masuda's tragedy.
Name: Masuda Chiho 増田千穂
Place: Tokyo, Japan
Age: 16
Height (cm): 165
Weight (kg): 51
3-size (cm): 83/59/85
Fighting Style: Yagyu Ninjutsu, Koppo
Special Attack: Shisen Ken, Hien Geki

Masuda Chiho was a lovely girl and well trained with ninjutsu. One day she accepted a mission, which had been assigned to her grandfather. She was happy to dress up with a black mask and bodystocking. However she failed the mission and was arrested by her enemies. She was bondaged and tortured cruelly. Finally her body was found in an abandoned house. Her death caused by excessive bleeding is certified.


Tlaloc said…
I would had loved to rape and torture Masuda Chiho; or at least be witness of it. It might had helped me get rid of stress. And 16, such a tender age.
Yes, it is too cruel for such tender girl. However, it is the destiny of female ninja. She knew and was happy to accept it.

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