Dream of Being a Kunoichi

What if I were a female ninja?

Someone dreamt of wearing black bodystocking, black veil and black suit. Then she committed a mission - assassination against a lord. However she failed and was arrested. She dreamt of being under mass rape and eventually killed by several samurais.

Have you ever dreamt of being killed? Share your dreams @ /dis/.


xen ix said…
Can't remember dreaming if being killed, but being the one who kills and protects, oh yes.
Were you a warrior of The Competition of Beheading Kunoichi?
Tlaloc said…
Good thing I have never been killed in dreams, but have had horrible nightmares due to my stress problem; which make Freddy Krugger look like a newborn kitten. I would love to have dreams where I rape and torture kunoichi. BTW, in gurochan there is this girl called ero where she asks for people to make art on her, and recently appeared in a picture with a yukata. Would you like to ask her to pose as kunoichi so someone can draw her being executed as kunoichi or should I ask her? Her thread is here http://orz.gurochan.net/req/kareha.pl/1165007459/l50
Tlaloc said…
Oh and where is the picture from?
The picture was created by photo editing software.
Tlaloc said…
Thank you for telling me. You should check at gurochan now, moon finally made ero into kunoichi. One normal picture and in the other one she gets executed! Nice!
Tlaloc said…
Sorry, kunoichi ero is here http://orz.gurochan.net/req/kareha.pl/1165007459/l50

Trully ero is such a beautiful girl, for letting herself be drawn as a executed kunoichi!
Thanks for your sharing, Tlaloc. We should encourage him to draw more pretty pictures.
The Elderly said…
she even looks happy about it.....
Being a female ninja, she should keep herself the most beautiful, even at the end of her life. That's why so many smart men/heroes were defeated by weak Kunoichi.

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