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Bonne Année

Happy New Year!
Here is the gift for you:
Bonne Année!

After Death

For a female ninja, wearing black stocking is the start of a cruel story.

However, her death is not the end. It is the start of another cruel story.


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Hero vs Kunoichi

When a Hero makes a mistake, he says, "I WAS WRONG"
When a Kunoichi makes a mistake, she says, "IT WASN'T MY FAULT."

A Hero works harder than a Kunoichi and has more time;
A Kunoichi is always "TOO BUSY" to do what is necessary.

A Hero goes through a problem;
A Kunoichi goes around it, and never gets pass it.

A Hero makes commitments;
A Kunoichi makes promises.


A Hero respects those who are superior to him and tries to learn something from them;
A Kunoichi resents those who are superior to her and tries to find chinks in their armour.

A Hero feels responsible for more than his job;
A Kunoichi says, "I ONLY WORK HERE."



A Hero wins while a Kunoichi loses;
A Hero s…

Elementary Class Day 45-50

Have you ever visited Japan? Be careful, there are various ninja. Some are good, some are bad.

The scenery 景色(けしき)風景(ふうけい)is beautiful. We are assigned to form a group 一組(ひとくみ)to visit the beautiful nation.

We will stay 泊まる(とまる) at hotel, rather than live in 住む(すむ), in Shinagawa 品川. We cannot be sleep more 寝坊(ねぼう)する because there will be a list of places we will visit:


After we visit, we will bought some souvenir お土産(おみやげ) and some electronic products 電子製品(でんしせいひん). We visited 魚や(うおや)too.

As a result, we ate a lot, such as carrot 人参, radish 大根(だいこん), Tsukemono 漬物, ginger 生姜(しょうが), etc. We were full お腹(なか)がいっぽい, not hungry 空(す)いた. You know we are not leaves, we cannot do photosynthesis 光合成(こうごうせい).

Being a successful Kunoichi, she should always visit a Beauty Shop 美容院(びよういん). When Kunoichi visited a Beauty Shop, Ninja became a pedestrian 通行人(つうこうにん). You know?

We also saw Big Letter 大文字(だいもんじ), no…

Treatment Against Kunoichi

How will you treat a female ninja?

Tear her clothes apart?

or treat her body apart?

Assassin Preparation II

An assassin dressed black stocking in the previous article. This time another assassin prepared her mission by wearing black veil.

Unfortunately, in order to save her partner in the final mission, she sacrificed herself to be killed.

We should respect her because of her teamwork spirit. Teamwork is highly emphasized in the ninja society.

Z Flag

England expects that every man will do his duty

Assassin Preparation

Before a female assassin executes a mission, she will dress black stocking and black undersuit. After so, she can dress any over-wear else to fake various roles.

This female assassin put on black nylon and black underwear, then faked as a nurse to hack confidential information. She was successful to capture the information and to kill two policemen. Unfortunately she was shot to death by the last policeman.

Elementary Class Day 39-44

Have you ever heard a ninja spelling in TV? Here is the spelling from the government TV program:


It was said by a child, who likes to say 後で when his mother asked him to do homework. Moreover, his mother will ask him to sleep exactly at 9 o'clock 九時丁度(ちょうど)or ジャスト. Unfortunately, mostly 大抵(たいてい)he does not do so. To be continued まだ後で, his mother will utilize ninja martial art...

Being a ninja, he should be trained well everytime. For example, he should go to school on foot 歩(ある)いて学校へ行きます/徒歩(とぼ)で学校へ行きます。If a female ninja fakes as a worker 社員(しゃいん), she should wear black suit, black stocking and keeps eyes on those underline 下線(かせん)and a parenthesis 括弧(かっこ)。She should create 作る(つくる)reports always 時々(ときどき), every time 次々(つぎつぎ), every day 日々(ひび).

In order to get information from more people, a Kunoichi may fake as a marriage consultant 結婚(けっこん)コンサルタント. Therefore, she can collect people's education 学歴(がくれき)and tour 旅行(りょこう)history. Then she can know a good man 男前(おとこまえ), c…

Elementary Class Day 35-38

Chapter Five focuses on timing. Similar to Project Management at work 仕事(しごと), timing is critical to ninja mission. Therefore we should know to handle the ninja code of timing.

Normal people work in day time, so they work in the morning and belong to Morning Style 朝型(あさがた); On the other hand, ninja work in dark, so we belong to Night Style 夜型(よるがた).

The teacher requested us to become shadow 影(かげ). We should follow the ninja codes spoken by CD tightly, as if we should follow our target enemies as tightly as a shadow to the subject. It reminds us that the father of ninja led the Shadow Army 影の軍団(かげのぐんだん), which consists of Kunoichi, thought all the female ninja finally sacrified for missions. The teacher emphasized that we should do absolutely 絶対(ぜったい). This is a must 必ず(かならず). Will we be stil ok まだ大丈夫 or already failed もうだめ? We should be trained well such that it will become our habbit 習慣(しゅうかん).

There are intransitive verbs 自動詞 and transitive verbs 他動詞 in ninja codes. Some can belong to …


Ninja magic is fatal. A typical magic is fatal too. More fatal is the magic, more attractive is the performance.

Which magic is the most dangerous? The fatal isn't the Water Torture Cell or the Buried Alive illusion, or even the Straitjacket Escape. The effect known as the Bullet Catch has claimed the lives of at least 15 magicians who were killed in connection with the potentially lethal trick (according to library).

Five magician angels in black stocking (taken in The 4th Hong Kong Magic Festival)

Elementary Class Day 32-34

Our Kunoichi teacher brought her mother, who came from Japanese to visit our teacher, to the class. Therefore our teacher talked a lot about her family in the class, after 後で(あとで)she described the content 内容(ないよう)of ninja magic and answered our questions 質問(しつもん).

Sensei is married, so she wears a ring 結婚指輪(けっこんゆびわ). There is a rabbit with long ears 耳(みみ)and a dog in her home in Japan. The dog is male 雄(オス) while the rabbit is female 雌(メス). She would like to buy something 買物(かいもの)as a present プレゼント for her mother, especially there is a discount ティスカウント or a mega sale 割引き(わりびき), no matter whether it is a bunch 束(たば)of flower or a loaf 斤(きん)of bread. It was wonderful if 50% off 50(ごじゅう)パーオフ.

Sensei liked playing ninja codes in childihood. 084 means Good Morning おはよう. 39 means Thank You サンキュウ.

Sensei likes Chinese meal 中華料理(ちゅうかりょうり), such as 炒飯(チャーハン). On the other hand, Chinese can eat anything that move, so there are various kinds of foods 食物(しょくもの). We raised a lot of foods else 他の(ほかの…

Pirates versus Ninjas

Pirates versus Ninjas is a well-known Internet humor. Yet they have not been trapped in the Internet, they have been fighting on the big screen. That is Pirates versus Ninjas: The Movie.

The producer chose the pretty woman as a ninja. This is an excellent choice. Since both are silent, wear black clothes and must be on a strict diet, they match.

Elementary Class Day 31


Sensei asked us to practise this Friday. We will dress up black suit to commit the mission in a restaurant レストラン. Kunoichi students should dress up black stocking certainly. Here is the order:





We will fight in restaurants. Are we similar to the heroines of Variable Geo?

Optical Illusion

The optical illusion is a well-known ninja magic.

Does the Kunoichi rotate clockwisely or counter-clockwisely?

If you find it clockwise, then your right brain hemisphere is dominant, else so is your left-brain.

Elementary Class Day 30

A ninja has to purchase essential material during mission. Money is needed. In Japan, Goods and Services Tax 消費税(しょうひぜい)is charged by 5%.

When a good is decribed with a fixed price, の is not needed such as 50 dollar stamp 50円切手; When a good is described with a changable price, の is needed such as notebook costing 50 dollars 50円のノート.

If a mission succeeds, a lord will give a gift to the team of ninja and ask them to choose one: 選(えら)んでください。You should say これがいいです you really like the gift rather than これでいいです you choose because of no other better choice. Otherwise, you will be punished after success of mission.

For your information, here are some highlight of the final exam of the first semester 期末試験:



Elementary Class Day 29

Sensei announced that the prime minister of Japan resigned. 安倍総理(あべそうり)が辞(や)めた

Will ninja die for his resignation because of loyality? Definitely not. Japan is a fully democratic nation. The government of the people by the people for the people operates with separation of powers amongst the administration, the congress and the court.

Cosmoman said that ninja code was confusing. Here are some examples:

The literal meaning is No. 18. The actual meaning is the most favorite skill.

Twenty years old

Following the lesson, there are many homeworks.

Elementary Class Day 28

Ah! There are many homeworks.

The training becomes more tough in the new semester. There are many forms of numbering for ninja. You may get wrong if you have not enough focus. What a pity! 惜しい(おしい)

Ninja mission is critical. Sensei urged us not to be the worst 最低(サイテー)otherwise we will be like that:

That female ninja is dead.

Elementary Class Day 27

Long time no see, everybody.

夏休み has just finished. I did not practise anymore in the summer vacation, so I felt very difficult in the first lesson of 二学期(にがっき)the second semester. There are so many new spellings. In addition, ninja numbering is different from the normal one, epecially for counting word 助数詞(じょすうし). Therefore normal enemies could not count what a ninja has counted, especially in an order 注文(ちゅうもん).

Since a ninja must follow any order from her lord, when her lord completes his statement of the order, she should respond to him.

She should say "I have understood" わかりました or more polite form is "I have certainly understood" かしこまりました.

For ninja, a negative statement of an adjective word is not just add "NOT", but its suffix will be changed. Yet some is completely changed.

Good いい
Not good よくありません

Decoding ninja word is always challenging, isn't it?

PS: It is interesting to find that Taiwan Education Department recorded varied writ…


Ninja 3: Domination

A female ninja is a girl who is absolutely loyal to her master without any personnal mind. She is controlled by her master and ready to die for a mission.

Chiho Ballad

This is the Chinese version of Kunoichi Rhapsody








The Gore Gore Mask

Fiction I
Fiction II

Female warriors in my fictions wear bodystocking with veil. I thought the dressing design was unique, yet it is not. A Japanese author called Kisirian has promoted the dressing design in his website The Gore Gore Mask クチナシ館 as well.

In his comics, female warriors who wear bodystocking (with mask and gloves) would be killed in various cruel methods such as cutting, shooting and explosion. The warriors include space soldiers, students, ninja and so on.

He is the master. Unfortunately, his comics are only available in Japan. No foreigner can purchase his great works. You can just see some samples in his website.

Ninja Loan

Someone wondered why I could relate Subprime Mortgage Financial Crisis to Kunoichi in my fiction. It is interesting, isn't it? In fact, the crisis does relate to ninja.

When the interest rate was very low, a loan to someone with No Income, No Job, or No Assets was promoted by banks. That loan was called Ninja Loan.

When the price of real estates rised, the premium could support the borrowers' payments. Since they had no income, no job, no assets, they had to pay higher interest for their loans. The bank sold the loan to other financial institutes. The financial institutes packaged the loan into some funds and sold them to investors. Because of the higher interest, it attracted a lot of investors with good returns.

Yet when the price went down, the borrowers had no favorite. Since the borrowers of ninja loan was bad at returning loans, when they could not return, the loan became bad debt. The fund related to subprime would become bankrupted. Such terrible situation keeps going and…

Fiction: 投銀殺意 II - 回憶.榮歸

For those who cannot read Traditional Chinese, please kindly use an online translation tool, e.g. Babel Fish Translation. It is the second episode of the story about the cruel world of investment banking.













Elementary Class Day 23-26

The exam of the first semester finished. Summer Vacation 夏休み(なつやすみ)starts.

The exam was quite difficult. We were full of wounds, blood and sweat. Stocking of Kunoichi schoolmates were torn up, yet no tear on their eyes. We are brave ninja.

When Sensei was out of town, an alternative teacher taught us many new things:

あの方(あのかた)That guys
方(がた)etc (for people)
ゴミ箱(ゴミばこ)Litter bin
熊出没注意(くましゅつぼつちゅうい)Be careful of bears
紀伊國屋書店(きのくにやしょてん)Kinokuniya Bookstore

If 何 is followed by a word in た行, だ行 or な行 then the prononciation is なん,
else it is なに.

The meaning of いえ and うち are similar. Yet the former is translated as HOUSE, while the latter is translated as HOME.

If things and animals are mixed in listing, がいます or があります depends on the last word followed. I…

Love to Devil

Private love is forbidden for ninja because it will reduce her mental quality.

In the story Eye of Ashura Castle 阿修羅城の瞳, when the Kunoichi (by Miyazawa Rie 宮沢りえ) fell in love, she would become the king of devils and destruct the human world.

(12:30) A kunoichi was uncovered by a man, then she fell in love with him.

Cyber Inner Palace

Oooku 大奥 or Inner Palace is the forbidden area, which only women of Shogun 将軍 were allowed. Because of the strict rule, Inner Palace had been a very mysterious place.

Thanking the advanced Information Technology, a cyber Inner Palace can be created. You can explore such mysterious area through a computer. This is the initial idea of the movie called Cyber Inner Palace 電脳大奥.

Kunoichi vs Samurai

Be careful, the area is guarded by female ninja. Rise your sword and finish her.

PS: Thank for the great tool at

The Most Beautiful Lady

Salina is the most beautiful lady I have ever met.

Trading Card

Stock indexes rocket to the latest peak around the world. Hong Kong people are crazy about stock. They have been trained well as trading machines since they were children.

Hong Kong children in 90s were crazy about trading card. They bought them by one dollar and sold them with premium.

Do they remind some memory of your childhood? In 90s, Chun Li was the hottest idol of boys. She was the strongest woman in the world, yet they imagined how they could destroy the heroine wearing black stocking.

Elementary Class Day 20-22

From now on これから, we have to be hardworking because the test of Chapter 3 and 期末試験(きまつしけん)the exam of the first semester are coming. Spell: 頑張って!


Why do ninja use two different codes to represent one kanji? This is called 音便(おんびん).

Three new things to know:
箱(はこ) Box
金魚(きんぎょ) Goldfish
薬屋(くすりや)/薬局(やっきょく) Pharmacy

In Chapter 3, we learn directions.
上(うえ) Above
下(した) Below
左(ひだり) Left
右(みぎ) Right
前(まえ) Front
後ろ(うしろ) Back
間(あいだ) Between
そば Nearby
隣(となり) Next
近く(ちかく) Vicinity
横(よこ) Side

Don't get lost.

Secret Weapon II

A Ninja has various secret weapons. The last article introduced Shuriken. Shuriken is not only portable but also able to absorb toxic fluids. When her enemies get hurt by her Shuriken, the wound will be also fatal.

A Kunoichi was making toxic Shurikens.

Similar to the Pacific War of WWII, Air Supremacy is critical for ninja actions. If a ninja can fly, she can overcome many defensive equipments. Planes and helicopters are common in the massive modern battles, but they are too noisy and bulky for ninja. What flying machine else? KITE!

A Kunoichi assassinated her enemy from a kite.

You may think that a kite is just a toy. However, a kite was invented for battles 2000 years ago in China.

Elementary Class Day 19

Sensei got fever 風邪(かぜ)を引(ひ)く. Take care お大事(だいじ)に, Sensei.

This lesson run very fast. For ninja, time is life. Our action should be quick. We learnt how to identity existence and number of targets, such as resources and enemies.

名詞A に 形容詞B 名詞C が います。
There is adjective B noun C (animal or people) in noun A.

名詞A に 形容詞B 名詞C が あります。
There is adjective B noun C (plant or non living item) in noun A.

For example,

There is a lovely female ninja in the room.

There is a lovely but dead female ninja in the room.

Numbering is important for ninja. If a Kunoichi could not identify some places with a lot 大勢(おおぜい)of enemies or a lot 沢山(たくさん)of traps, she would have been captured, mass raped and killed eventually.


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The work is well done. Tracing, a kind of ninja magic, is not easy. If a Kunoichi is not careful, she would be traced back by enemies and ...

Elementary Class Day 17 and 18

We learnt more codes of some places. You know, if you do not know the code, how do you know where you commit your missions?

公園(こうえん) Park
図書室(としょしつ) Room of Library
会議室(かいぎしつ) Conference Room

Being a ninja, sometimes he should know to say NO: いいえ、違(ちが)います。

The test of Chapter 2 was not too difficult. After the test, Sensei assigns a practice to us.

いらっしゃいませ。 Hello. Can I help you?

We were divided into two groups. Kunoichi students dressed black bodystocking. They were assigned to provide secret information to Ninja students of the counterpart. Ninja student were assigned to retrieve the secret information from Kunoichi students of the counterpart.

After the practice, we found that we have not known a lot. We have to do better in Chapter 3.

Fiction: 嘉永五年的市集

If you would like to understand the background history, please refer to Black Ships - Wikipedia.












Elementary Class Day 16

何(なに)がいい事(こと)ありましたか。 What nice thing happend?
最近(さいきん)どう。/どうよ。 How are you recently?

Sensei was concerned about us. She is so kind.

Being a ninja, he should be highly concentrated. Coffee is one of drink to increase ninja concentration power. The most famous coffee shop in the world is Starbucks スターバックス or ninja call it スタバ. In Hong Kong, another famous coffee shop is Pacific Coffee パシフィック コーヒー.

When ninja feel tired, he should ask his teammates:

お茶(ちゃ)する。 Let's go to drink coffee.

Kunoichi Kid

How young the female ninja are. What kind of jobs can they do?

Elementary Class Day 15

Being a ninja, he should do everything seriously and accurately. His job should not be ギリギリ almost over the deadline, for example lateness 遅刻(ちこく).

We revised the confused ninja code again: あめ:雨 Rain/飴 Candy, while sweet snack is called お菓子(かし).

As well as candy and snack, Japanese orange 蜜柑(みかん)can supply sufficient energy. In the winter of Japan 日本の冬(ふゆ), ninja put oranges on 火燵(こたつ)a warming table. Such kind of heater is unique for ninja.

In addition to food, お金(かね)money should be bought for ninja (and for all people). Please use a good wallet お財布(さいふ)to secure it.

Our principal 校長(こうちょう)先生 was introduced tonight. She was called 佐々木 Sasaki. A kunoichi can be promoted to the leader, can't she?

Elementary Class Day 14

Sun Zi said that three critical factors of strategy are Weather & Timing 天, Geography 地 and People 人. Sensei taught us so many items about weather.

Geshi is the day with the longest daytime.










Due to different weathers, ninja wear different clothes in order to maximize their defence.




In addition to the above basic knowledge, we continued teamwork training (as you have seen in movie, ninja work in group rather than alone).






Anything else?

I forgot

What people is it?

How many people is there?

As you see in the last two sentences, two same sentences can represent two different meanings. There are many secrets inside the ninja society.

Iga vs Koka

Because of the great sucess of the movie Kunoichi Sengoku Biyuden, Kasakura releases a new movie about female ninja in black bodystocking. The movie is called Iga vs Koka Kunoichi Senyuki 伊賀VS甲賀 くノ一戦勇記. It talks about the violent competition between Iga 伊賀 and Koka 甲賀, two well known organizations of Japanese ninja.

Are you familiar with the ninja competition? Yes, the competition story has been adapted in SHINOBI -HEART UNDER BLADE-, the greatest love story of ninja.

Elementary Class Day 13

Sensei comes back. I miss you, Sensei.

Sensei invited us to join an online community called MIXI ミクシィ. We will form a ninja group to exchange confidential information. Because of confidentiality, there are some ninja words that typical websites may not have:

写真(しゃしん)/フォト Photo
友人(ゆうじん)に公開(こうかい)Open to friends
友人の友人までに公開 Open to friends' friends
全部(ぜんぶ)に公開 Open to all

Information collection is a common job of a ninja. Adjective 形容詞(けいようし)is always used to describe some things. This is the goal of Chapter 2.

In addition to those in the textbook, there are some else:
デブ Fat
スタイルが良い(いい) Good body shape
汚い(きたない) Dirty

Since missions of ninja are highly confidential, they use same pronounciation to represent different meanings. For example,

かみ:紙 Paper、神 God、髪 Hair
はな:花 Flower、鼻 Nose
あつい:厚い Thick、暑い Hot(weather)、熱い Hot (matter)
いっかい:一回 One time、一階 First floor (Ground floor in Japan)

Elementary Class Day 12

Sensei committed a mission in Shanghai and left us in classroom for the test. Before the test, the temporary teacher showed us some new codes. They were out of syllabus because the teacher was surprised that we have completed Chapter 1 at that moment. Yes, we are well prepared to kill in battlefields.

Tools that a ninja uses:

プロ Professional - the attitude that a ninja has to be
テレビ Television - the channel of collecting international information
カメラ Camera - the tool of evidence collection
デジカメ Digital Camera
キャップ Cap - the tool of hiding one's identity and gender
シーディー Compact Disc - the tool of storing information as well as cutting enemies' necks
シャープペンシル/シャーペン Mechanical pencil - the tool of recording on some raw material
ハンドバッグ Handbag - the portable tool of containing weapons
修正(しゅうせい)ペン Correction Pen - the tool of eliminating some evidences left
自動車(じどうしゃ) Car - the tool of fast escaping

Characters that a ninja fakes to be:

Kunoichi who exposes her black stocking:
弁護士(べんごし) - Lawy…

Song of My Friend

Professor Ng introduced a song called Song of My Friend 友達の詩 authored by Nakamura Ataru 中村中, who is a transsexual singer. I was touched after reading the lyrics.

《友達の詩》 Song of My Friend
曲:中村中 Composer: Nakamura Ataru
詞:中村中 Lyrics: Nakamura Ataru

触れるまでもなく先の事が (I can't touch the event in front of me.)
見えてしまうなんて (What can be said when farewell?)
そんなつまらない恋を (Frustrated love)
随分続けて来たね (still comes again.)

胸の痛み 治さないで (The pain of my chest can't be recovered.)
別の傷で隠すけど (It will be convered by another hurt.)
簡単にばれてしまう (Yet it is be uncovered.)
どこからか流れてしまう (no idea from where it flows.)

手を繋ぐくらいでいい (It is good enough if I can hold your hand.)
並んで歩くくらいでいい (It is good enough if we can walk shoulder by shoulder.)
それすら危ういから (However, it is too dangerous.)
大切な人は友達くらいでいい (So it is better to remain our friendship.)

寄り掛からなけりゃ傍に居れたの? (Can a lonely man as I lie on you?)
気にしていなければ (if you don't mind.)
離れたけれど今更… (Although we are separated,)
無理だと気付く (I understand that was impossible.)

笑われて馬鹿にされて (It is foolish to …

Elementary Class Day 11

Since Sensei will leave this Friday and a test will be left to us, she helped us to revise Chapter 1.

When a ninja meets his teammate, he should introduce himself 自己紹介(じこしょうかい)or will be considered as an enemy. My self introduction was:


My classmates said various topics in their self-introductions. Some talked about homeland and hobby. For example:

I am a handsome boy.

I am a walking dictionary.

I am a student of Class G, Spring Entry Level.

I work at a company.

I like Japanese movie.

My daughter is lovely.

My hobby is diving.

Sensai expected that we should get 100 points 百点(ひゃくてん)perfectly 完璧(かんぺき), otherwise no doubt もちろん we can't survival in the real battle always いつも. What a cruel reality.

PS: The school gave each of us a colorful ninja-scrolls, which is used for a radio program called 日語自遊行(ようこそにほんへ)IIIの最和味(アジザンマイ).

A Life of Ninja

You read how a ninja is trained. Have you ever seen how a ninja is trained?

Being a Kunoichi, in addition to typical physical education and fighting skill, she should be trained to suffer from various cruel tortures. Do you still think that information retrieval from a female ninja is easy?


Foreign audience may be familar with Red Shadow in the Big Screen, while Japanese is more familiar with it in the home screen. The origin is the TV drama series Masked Ninja Red Shadow 仮面の忍者 赤影.

In each episode of the TV drama, there were some enemies to be defeated by the hero Red Shadow. Two of them are bad female ninja.

仮面の忍者赤影 くノ一  前編

仮面の忍者赤影 くノ一  後編

As you see, the bad Kunoichi wore stocking to do bad things. Similar to Swift Hero Lion Maru, the hero needed to face the attack of bad Kunoichi and to terminate them all.

Elementary Class Day 10

Sensai got hurt!

Her eyes 目(め)were attacked with garbage ゴミ in the morning 今朝(けさ)yesterday. She felt very painful 痛い(いたい). Yet she said she was ok 大丈夫(だいじょうぶ).

Wow, being a female ninja is not easy and very dangerous.

Sensai said she would start another mission with her Judo 柔道(じゅうどう)Team in Shanghai 上海(シャンハイ)next week 来週(らいしゅう)so an alternative Sensai will attend the class next Friday and give us a test of the whole chapter 1, including all printouts プリント. She said "I go. Please come 来て下さい(きてください)next week."

In addition to typical revisions, there are many new things in class.

An important thing is food. As a Chinese saying goes, eating is at the top priority of people 民以食為天. Since missions of ninja are very urgent, hurry and mobile, they cannot bring bulky food and drink. Therefore they like to drink soy milk 豆乳(とうにゅう), which can resolve thirsty and contains as much carbonhydroxide and protein as meat does.

Yet when a ninja was faked as a typical man, he has to eat normal foods…

Rebirth of Shadow Army

The original Kage No Gundan cannot be replaced, although Shin Kage No Gundan 新・影の軍団 was released. The original version is the best. Therefore the DVD of the original version is released by Toei 東映 so that we can review the classics.

Yet my YouTube account containing a video clip of Kage No Gundan IV was deleted because of the new release. It seems that Kunoichi around Hattori Hanzo have started to work.

Elementary Class Day 9

There was nothing new in class. We just practised what we have learnt before.

First, Kanji homework was returned. Unlike typical Chinese, ninja have their own ways to write Chinese characters. Sensei emphasized the importance of correct drawing of Kanji.

Secondly, two new surnames are introduced: 王(おう)and 橋本(はしもと). If you want to learn more skills yourself, you should go to a library 図書館(としょかん).

Thirdly, when a ninja is in a mission, he should turn off 切る(きる)all communication equipment or he would be traced by enemies.

Finally, a ninja has his own way to remember foreign items so that foreign enemies do not understand.

Paris パリ
Spain スペイン
Italy イタリア
Italian Dinning イタ飯(めし)=イタリア料理(りょうり)

3D Creation

3D characters design would be a nightmare. It is really time-consuming to utilize 3D Studio to create such fine items as hair and nylon.

Thank to Alpinek, the famous 3D human figure creation software is introduced. This is called Poser. Another software which is compatible with Poser but free is called DAZ|Studio. There are some communities providing some works and plug-in in the Internet.

It sounds a good software to create our own Kunoichi, doesn't it?

Created by Alpinek. A female assassin who dressed as a bunny girl was hanged to death by her enemies.


In Chinese society, Chinese who work in European or American enterprises are appreciated because of their talent. Yet those who work in Japanese companies or even study Japanese are considered Traitor or Hanjian 漢奸 in Chinese specific term.

This female ninja was caught by Chinese patriotism freaks. She was tortured, raped and killed. Her black bodystocking with bloody skin was torn down all.

Is it actually a historical problem, geographical conflict or political strategy?

Elementary Class Day 8

Let us revise ninja codes matching normal words of the last lesson:


Measurement is critical in battles. As the greatest strategist Sun Zi 孫子 said, more and finer measurement, higher probability of success. Numbering is the fundamental of measurement and ninja should know how to handle ninja specific numbering.

0 れい(ゼロ)
1 いち
2 に
3 さん
4 よん(し)
5 ご
6 ろく
7 なな(しち)
8 はち
9 きゅう
10 じゅう
11 じゅういち
20 にじゅう
100 ひゃく
1000 せん

As the above mentioned, numbering is the fundamental for ninja, so we should be careful about that. The code to remind teammates to be careful is:

Why should we remind our teammates? This is because ninja emphasizes team spirit.We need friends 友達(ともだち). Sometimes we will have boyfriends 彼氏(かれし) or girlfriends 彼女(かのじょ) along our lives.

Miss Universe 2007

The champion of Miss Universe 2007 is Japanese. She is called Riyo Mori 森理世.

She looks lovely but sometimes fierce. That's why she have attracted many men, especially for successful men. On the other hand, it shows her probably a female ninja. Why did a Kunoichi participate the Miss Universe campaign? Would she utilize that identity to spy confidential information of each nation? Is any evil scheme ongoing?

Elementary Class Day 7

Because of my jobs on hand, I was late last night. 先生、遅れてすみません。

Once I walked in the classroom, the last test paper was passed to us. I found two words on the whiteboard:


Both means feeling disappointed. Was Sensei disappointed with our results?

A ninja should be very professional at keeping something secret and hidding them, so we continued to practice how to omit some words in a sentence. The omission is called 省略 ShouRyaku. Something can be omitted, i.e. 省略できます, while some cannot, i.e. 省略できません.

In addition to hide some secret, information collection is another important job of a ninja. How can we do so? From 新聞 Shinbun newspaper パソコン and Personal Computer.

A senior classmate told me that when a ninja collected information, he should be able to distinguish ninja words from typical words. For example, 傘 and 傘(かさ). Could you see the difference?

Ninjutsu is difficult 難しい(むずかしい)...

Kunoichi Audition

Kunoichi Audition, a competition of Kunoichi, was introduced in Sport Campaign but the given link was broken. Here is the latest URL:

By the way, some schoolmates also build their own blogs and exchange learning experience. Here are some:
Little Step

Elementary Class Day 5 and 6

Since the weather important in battles, a ninja should know how to detect the humidity. Sensei told us the humidity once she came in the room.

The humidity is high.

She said again next day.

The humidity is high too today.

Then she passed a questionnaire called Anketo アンケート. That was called the today submitting from the office オフィスへ今日提出.

When a ninja decodes a secret message, he should be able to recognize the part of speech of each words. Here is the fundamental pattern of sentence or Bunkei 文型:

Noun A + は + Noun B + です。 (Positive Statement)
Noun A + は + Noun B + ではありません。 (Negative Statement)
Noun A + は + Noun B + じゃありません。 (Negative Statement, Informal)

Noun is called Meishi 名詞 while some assistant part of speech is called Zyoshi 助詞.

Like normal English, they would change the part of speech of a word by changing its suffix such as Toori 通り (Noun) and Tooru 通る (Verb).

In addition, the sound length of a word defines its meaning. For example,

おばさん Aunt vs おばあさん Grandm…

Complete Protection

Someone said the uncovered area would be attacked if the bodystocking is used to protect the body of a female ninja. Well, how about if her bodystocking covers all the part, including her fingers and toes?

A kunoichi student put on full sheer bodystocking.

Elementary Class Day Four

A ninja faces challeneges everyday, so he should be well prepared all the time. For students, tests are required. Hiragana test was done last Friday.

After the test, Sensei returned our homework. Most of us failed. She pointed out that most of us missed the secret of the words. Some strokes are sharp while some are blunt. They should not been mixed up. Being a ninja, we should be very very careful or die.

Sensei told us that learning is a process of Listening 聴く, Speaking 話す, Writing 書き and Reading 読み in order. For example, you listen how to spell a ninja magic, then you practice the spell by speaking. After so, you write it down on a ninja scroll to remember it. You also read other scrolls to improve yourself.

Direction is critical in missions. You will go to your target and keep far from traps. We should instruct our teammates from dangers. The code of direction is Kosoado Kotoba こそあど言葉.

A ninja covered his face by mask because of hiding his identity. In order to show his identity to hi…

Elementary Class Day Three

Ninjatsu is not easy for normal people. There were three classmates missed last night. Some classmates complained the progress too fast. However, some talent classmates have caught up very well and gone beyond. Sensei is really a tough Kunoichi. Well, in the real world, it is alive or dead. Don't lag behind.

After submitting the homework, Sensei gave us another Shukudai 宿題, including Chapter 1 Vocabulary 一課の単語, Pronunciation Practice 発音練習 and Chinese Radical Practice 漢字練習. In addition, for better communication in class, Sensei taught us the following simple secret:

Remember 覚えて Oboete
Understand わかる Wakaru
Not understand わからない Wakaranai

Since the mission of ninja is very critical and secret, cooperation and teamwork are important. In order to have a strong teamwork, respect to each other is very important. Ninja does not miss any greeting あいさつ when he does something, e.g. come in, start to eat, sleep, etc.

Good morning お早うございます Ohayougozaimasu
Good bye さよなら Sayonara
Good afternoon 今日は Kon…

Elementary Class Day Two

I feel that Sensei looks more beautiful once I watch her more. Is it her Kunoichi Ninpou くノ一忍法.

Like business administration, Ninja Strategy focuses on Time Management. Here is the code of Time Management as the following:

Weekday 曜日 Youbi
Monday 月曜日 Getsu Youbi
Tuesday 火曜日 Ka Youbi
Wednesday 水曜日 Sui Youbi
Thursday 木曜日 Moku Youbi
Friday 金曜日 Kin Youbi
Saturday 土曜日 Do Youbi
Sunday 日曜日 Nichi Youbi

Since Time Management is important, it should be kept in secret. When ninja exchange data of Time, they communicate in secret words:

Which weekday is today?
今日は何曜日ですか?Kyou Ha Naniyoubi Desuka?

Today is Friday.
今日は金曜日です。 Kyou Ha Kinyoubi Desu.

What is today?
今日は何日ですか? Kyou Ha Nannichi Desuka?

Today is the eleventh of May.
今日は五月十一日です。 Kyou Ha Gogatsuzyuuichinichi Desu.

Sensei said she was good at Judo 柔道. Wow, being a professional Kunoichi, not only Ninja Magic, but also Material Art should be very well for attack and defence.

She said she was curious about local Foot Massage 足つぼマッサージ. Did she mean to use such meth…

Elementary Class Day One

In order to understand more about Kunoichi, I enrolled a ninja class and it was the first lesson yesterday.

When the teacher came, I was surprised. Instead of a serious elder man, she was a beautiful, energetic and well-built lady. I doubted whether she was really a female ninja.

"My name is Mizu." she said.

Mizu 水 means the water. Kunoichi belongs to the element of water. Well, why could a Kunoichi speak in native American English?

"My father is Japanese and my mother is American." she continued to introduce herself.

This explained why her English was so fluent. If she was a child of a ninja and a catwoman, then she would be a very powerful Kunoichi. She asked us to call her Sen Sei 先生.

Then she asked us to introduce themselves.

"ケイ。私は学生です。(My name is Kay. I am a student.)" I replied.

There were some senior classmates. They called themselves Sha Kai Zin 社会人.

After introduction, she assigned a secret number to each of us. The number is called Ban Go 番号. Each of us…

Net Fiction

The Internet has changed China, which had been a closed and mysterious country. Chinese show off their creativity through the Internet. One is Net Fiction.

Net Fiction is a kind of fiction published on the Internet instead of traditional bookstore. Unlike traditional books, its content is various and independent to the popularity of topics. Some of them are involved in community participation. Therefore you will be suprised with how special it is after you read it.

Here is an example: Bu Si Xie Shen 不死邪神 by Jiang Hua 江和. The story was it about Chinese heroes fought against Kunoichi group. Let us explore how female ninja were killed there.

Black and Red

As you see in Survival Arts and Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, bad Kunoichi dress in black stocking and red suit. This combination likely represents a popular bad girl.

darkladylaughed posted a typical female enemy, who wore black stocking as well as red OL suit or swimming suit. Let us terminate her!

Reference: 悪の華 ~Dark Lady Laughed and Danced~

Her Real Identity

The female dancer shown in the previous article is called Yuki Hsu 徐懷鈺.

Why did she dress the black body stocking? This is because her real identity is really Kunoichi. (Here is the News)

Martial Art and Dance

The Chinese pronunciation of Martial Art and Dance are the same (Wu). Both activities consume considerable energy. Dressing is important in the speed of movement and reduction of energy consumption. Kunoichi wears bodystocking, so does a female dancer.

Dance Campaign - Xue Huai Yu

Reference: 愛鈺學園

Revenge of Family

The female ninja in the previous article was said to aim at revenge of her father. What will the story be? A Japanese company Kasakura Publishing Co,.Ltd. 笠倉出版社 has created a full story with some historical background.

In 1579, Oda Nobukatsu 織田信雄 attacked Iga 伊賀, the homeland of ninja, but failed. Therefore his father Oda Nobunaga 織田信長, a famous Japanese lord, attacked the region again and destroyed the region. This is known as Rebellion of Tenshoh Iga 天正伊賀の乱.

The AV called Kunoichi Sengoku Biyuden くノ一戦国美勇伝 begins with five female ninjas' plan of killing Oda Nobunaga for revenge of their families.

Mr. Cosmoman doubted whether sexual methods would work in assassination. The AV may give you some hints. Four of five Kunoichi were killed by samurai of Oda Group. One successfully used a sexual ninja magic called Snake Attack to kill a samurai, yet she was also dead due to exhaustion.

The ending was a modified version of Incident at Honnoji 本能寺の変. Rather than the army of Akechi Mitsuhide 明智…

Second Life

Second Life is believed to be the most famous online game. There are some news updated about this game in Internation Section of newspaper. This is because this game simulates the life of the real world, from daily life to politics. Some researchers study how the virtual world interacts with the real world.

Someone in the game dressed up as a female ninja (Black Veil, Black Suit, Black Stocking. Bingo!) and aims at revenage for her father. What if you were her enemies? Let's explore our second life in the game.


Shinobi is well known as a movie of Novel Adaptation of a great ninja novel. There will be another popular work of Kunoichi Comics Adaptation - Sexual Story of Kunoichi Maple.

Reference: TMC Preview

Lyrics: Ten Kunoichi




實在是危險 報了名便算

靜悄靜悄 便決定轉身竄

罷了罷了 便歸家往後轉

來到這段落 只得七女士

其中三位竟終於反了臉 謾罵著離開

在理論裡 沒法殺敵衝擊

被撇下這三位成員 沒法去令這狂敵不再來
瞬息之間 葬身於這巨變

大眾議論到這三位女忍 變似在怨

大眾議論到這三位女忍 亂說亂說

十減一得九 九減一得八
八減一得七 七減一得六

Hello World

I am recently frustrated due to my own business as well as the deletion of my picture collection in Zoto. The world trends to much unstable and unreliable. Yet many readers, i.e. YOU, still post comments in my blog. I am very happy about that. Thank you very much.

>>Then there is some manga and anime with a kunoichi as heroines?.

You can find such stories in my previous articles like Kunoichi in Bakumatsu and Ninja Chicks.

>>With help of ergonomic analysis, we know that Shuriken is quite a deadly weapon for close middle combat.

Thanks for your scientific information. Therefore, if a Kunoichi fails to hide herself from the middle distance to her enemies, like the one in the previous video, she will be discovered and killed.

>> may i know your email address? ... i will be honoured if you would accept some of my drawings and post it on your blog. ...

Certainly. My email address is It is my honor to show your drawing of female ninja. Yet I am still find…

Secret Weapon

A popular feature of ninja is their secret weapons. Shuriken 手裏剣 is the well-known one. There are actually various secret weapons, dependent to the environment of usage.

However, there is a limitation of secret weapons. The fatal advantage is its small size and rapid attack, yet its power is smaller compared to conventional weapons. Therefore, they are suitable for assassination rather than face-to-face conflict.

The female ninja was good at secret weapons. Yet she was discovered by enemies and hid her beauty under the veil by suicide.

Twins Mission

The story claimed that because of internal psychological communication, the cooperation of twins could be maximized.

However, when they walk into the evil, even if they are beautiful, being killed is their only ending.

International Women's Day

Whatever relation with Women's Day, all of my photos stored in have been removed. My account is suspended too. The power of Kunoichi worldwide is really significant.

If you are a reader of this blog, please feel free to send me Kunoichi image URLs. Thanks a lot.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The largest enemy of ninja turtles is known as Shredder. He has a female ninja called Karai. He raised her as his daughter.

This female enemy will show off again in the latest 3D animation Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, released on 23 March 2007. Zhang Ziyi will cast to voice this female devil.

Karai leads Foot Clans.

Karai over her dead daughter.

Leo apparently defeats Karai.

Reference: Karai - Wikipedia

Taimanin Asagi

A successful movie will lead to an adapted video game and vice versa. A wonderful Japanese PC game called Taimanin Asagi 対魔忍アサギ is an example.

The PC game, which was developed by Lilith Soft, has been popular and its story is adapted to an animation called 対魔忍アサギ Vol.01逆襲の朧, released on 2 Mar 2007 by Pixy Soft.

Reference: 対魔忍アサギ Lilith対魔忍アサギ Vol.01逆襲の朧

Fiction: 夢的盡頭.第三節.改

For those who cannot read Traditional Chinese, please kindly use an online translation tool, e.g. Babel Fish Translation. The story was adapted from the last chapter of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes 銀河英雄伝説 by Yoshiki Tanaka 田中芳樹.

除了米達麥亞(Wolfgang Mittermeyer)和克斯拉(Ulrich Kessler)之外的五位一級上將和軍務尚書奧貝斯坦(Paul von Oberstein)元帥之飄蕩著爆炸之前的詭異氣氛.軍務尚書告訴大家,鼓吹建立以地球(Earth)為中心的母系社會的地球教徒,他們的殘黨為了結束皇帝萊茵哈特(Reinhard von Lohengramm)的生命,不久之後將會攻擊臨時皇宮.大本營幕僚總監梅克林格(Ernest Mecklinger)一級上將提出了疑問:地球教徒何必做出這樣的暴行呢?只要再等一段時間,不需要他們出手,事情就可以明朗化了.奧貝斯坦的答覆明快地近乎無情:








畢典菲爾特(Fritz Josef Bittenfeld)無意識地握緊了右手,往前踏出了半步,他的兩眼中冒著火花,在行星海尼森(Heinessen)發生過的情況似乎又要再擴大重演了.就在這個時候......


繆拉(Neithardt Muller)拼命地自我壓抑著,然後說了這樣的話.一場衝突勉勉強強地避掉了.


What a Strong Man

Someone said that a female ninja was raped to death because she was just a prostitute without any idea of martial art. Yet a man showed his male strength against various female warriors:

Commercial Spy

I don't like most Hotgied works because they are ugly and awful. The models are just naked or badly dressed, and tortured in similarly boring methods. However, Kendra's work Jun/24/03 is an exception.

Kendra was a commercial spy to steal the secret elevator plan but failed in the mission. She was caught by Torque. Eventually she was tortured to death by the secret elevator.

Her look of office lady is nice and charming; red hair, white shirt and black pantyhose. When she dressed the black pantyhose, she has inherited the spirit of Kunoichi as well as the fate.

Very appreciated.

Reference: HOGTIED

Mist of Chaos

As mentioned, when a lady dresses up bodystocking, she becomes a formal Kunoichi. She should prepare well for every mission as well as her death.

The last mission of Himiko was failed.

Here is another good news for female ninja freaks. PS3 will release a game called Mist Of Chaos ミスト オブ カオス. A character is a beautiful female ninja called Kirigakure Sakura 霧隠桜. She wears a black veil and black bodystocking. Perfect!

Sakura was cut into half.

Kunoichi Training Institute

If you are a girl and you want to become a smart, strong and sexy female ninja, you should study in a school rather than by yourself.

くの一養成女学校「シノビ塾」 is a blog of a Kunoichi Training Institue. Wish you will learn more in the blog and become a successful female ninja.

Three Lady Assassins

Romance of Three Kingdoms 三國演義 is a famous Chinese story about heroes fighting for the united China between 220 AC and 280 AC. It is not only a classical literature, but also famous video games due to massive promotion and development of Japanese video game companies.

A fighting game called Warriors of Fate天地を喰らう2・赤壁の戦い is one about the heroic story. As well as brand new style of traditional heroes, it brings three lovely female assassins Mei-Mei 美美, Mei-Ya 美冴 and Mei-Ling 美鈴.

Three Lady Assassins (midi, original)

Three bad mice, dressin' tights.
See how they die, see how they die.
They all fight after the king's fight'r,
Who cut off their waists with a carving knife.
Did you ever see such a thing in your life
As three bad mice?

Everyone's Japanese

There are plenty of resources of Kunoichi in Japanese websites. Learning Japanese is a must to access those websites. However, Japanese is somehow difficult for English speakers, especially for handling mixed usage of Hiragana, Katakana and Chinese characters.

Some people would use some online translators for understanding and expressing Japanese, which they do not know. Yet the difference between English and Japanese in grammar and culture causes the result disatisfactory. Amongst various online translators, I would like to recommend the online translator of Excite Japan because this translator's wording is more proper.

For long term, we should open the Japanese textbook Everyone's Japanese みんなの日本語.


The Urban Kunoichi let me know the importance of Ninja's capability of decoding in the information era. So if you wanna become a successful Kunoichi, you should have an outstanding IQ. Let me challenge you here:

What is the answer? Why?


Frozen Beauty: Kunoichi

Here are shared photos modified in Frozen Beauty:

The author's photo editing skill is excellent, isn't his?

Middle East Invasion

A friend said he would form a group of female ninja to fight against the capitalism empire. Yes, you could do so. Female ninja do not only appear in Japan, but also some non-Japanese lords form Kunoichi teams.

Crusaders invaded the Middle East thousand years ago. The local formed a group of veiled female assassins to strike against the invaders. However the female gang sacrificed their lives but failed the mission. How poor they were.

Likewise, being a female assassin, she should accept being killed at last. Let us finish her!

Reference: Episode 10, Robin Hood by BBC

Kunoichi Rhapsody

Some friends expressed their concern about Masuda Chiho. I am concerned with her too, so I modified Freddie Mercury's Bohemian Rhapsody to commemorate such poor female ninja.

Kunoichi Rhapsody

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see
I'm just a poor girl, I need no sympathy
Because I'm easy come, easy go
A little high, little low
Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me

Oka1, just under arrest
Put a veil on my head
Dressed my nylon2, now I'm black
Oka, life had just begun
But now I've gone and thrown it all away
Oka, ooo
Didn't mean to make you cry
If I'm not back again this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters

Too late, my time has come
Sends shivers down my spine
Body's aching all the time
Goodbye everybody - I've got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
Oka, ooo - (anyway the wind blows)
I don't want to die
I sometime…